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Affordable Iconic Design with SK Designer Living

November 28, 2016
Affordable Iconic Design with SK Designer Living

Buying furniture for your home should be a fun and inspirational experience. As someone who is pretty committed to finding the best furniture products online, SK Designer Living definitely deserves a mention for both their product quality & service.

This is a company that has built its range and reputation over time (18 years in fact). Starting as a wholesaler back in 1998 from architectural backgrounds, the team behind SK Designer Living has always kept an eye on what’s happening in the commercial space and understands the trends and how they are applied in the work and home spaces.

Over the past few years, furniture that was inspired by or reproduced some of the great mid-century designers work have been popular right across the market. SK Designer Living made sure that their offering was differentiated by the quality and consistency of the furniture that they sourced.

SK Designer Living founder, Slav Karlik says “When we looked around the market we saw that there was a lot of very expensive furniture, and a lot of very cheap product on the market, but not a lot in that middle ground that offered great quality at an affordable price. So that’s what we offer.”

Even though they started as a wholesaler before evolving into an online retailer, SK Designer Living have always welcomed customers to come in and touch and feel the product. ‘For lots of people furniture is an emotional purchase and they need to actually connect with the physical item before deciding to purchase’.

Fast forward to now and SK Designer Living have a dedicated showroom space where you can visit and see the range. In keeping with their brand promise to deliver on great designer products at affordable prices, SK Designer Living’s showroom is attached to their warehouse rather than on a high street.

As they have developed their online store, they’ve thought about how they can provide a reassuring purchasing experience for customers that can’t get in store.

While mid-century classic pieces are still popular, SK Designer Living has built on their solid reputation for sourcing well built quality products at affordable prices and begun extending their range to include pieces that they have had commissioned.

Slav says ‘We’ve seen lots of our customers looking to furnish their apartments. They love that mid-century & Scandi aesthetic but need practical pieces like chest of drawers and coffee tables that work really well in smaller spaces and offer functional space for storage, as well as being different to what’s offered elsewhere.’

So far this year SK Designer Living has released the Frederk range which includes a coffee table and TV unit. This is the first range SK Designer Living has commissioned a designer to create for them, and they have been so well received that next year the range will be expanding further. Slav and the team put their success down to staying focused on providing customers with affordable, functional and well built furniture without compromise.

Coming up next year in 2017, SK Designer Living have got lots planned including new additions to their range. We can’t say too much but with chairs and tables being such an important part of their range, expect to see more of these coming through.

As Slav says, success as an online furniture retailer comes down to sourcing a great quality product, that is consistently good, and affordable.

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