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Alisa & Lysandra, Sitting Room Style

February 10, 2015
Alisa & Lysandra, Sitting Room Style

Why play it safe? This room shows how a cocktail of geometric angles, colours, textures and prints can work remarkably well, even if they are all incredibly diverse.

image03  1

There is a quality eclectic feel to this sitting room, and Alisa and Lysandra haven’t held back. The drama of the painting, the boldness of the set of drawers, the cosiness of the angel chairs all work so well. But they don’t try too hard, and that’s a point shared with us this week.

image02  1

Avoid perfection – it’s too obvious! Instead of running a painting directly inline and alongside another wall hanging (the angular framed mirror, in this case) let the eye play a little and have it jump up or down to take in what’s next. Placing both in perfect unison alongside one another just comes across as too severe; too uniformed; too thought-out.

image01  1

Let things go, have a play, have fun. Welcome to the eclectic sitting room.