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Signorino Tile Gallery

November 30, 2015
Signorino Tile Gallery

Who Are Signorino Tile Gallery?

Signorino Tile Gallery is a family owned business based on a passion for authenticity, quality and knowledge. It’s not often you’re lucky enough to meet a business built on such an impressive foundation, however that’s exactly what the tile and natural stone company has built over the last five decades.

In their long and established history in Australia, Signorino’s proven commitment to integrity and providing customers with exceptional quality products has seen them solidify their position as market leaders in the industry.

“We offer all of the best and highly acclaimed tiles from Europe and around the world,” says David Compagnino, Signorino’s resident expert in all things tiles and stone.

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Impressively, the majority of Signorino’s sales staff have interior design degrees, each possessing a deep knowledge and understanding when it comes to assisting customers with material choices for their particular project, and with so many of the staff being long term employees, some with over twenty years of experience in tiles and natural stone products, it’s no wonder the service at Signorino leaves such a lasting impression on clients.

Selecting tiles for a space can easily become overwhelming for someone with no technical or design knowledge. However, at Signorino your mind is put at ease with their wealth of experience and understanding.

“Our team members’ interior design backgrounds help to ensure that customers select the best products for their space and are totally satisfied with the outcome,” explains David.

This kind of assistance is invaluable in our minds, and the level of expertise Signorino staff hold certainly is second to none. What’s even better though everyone we met at Signorino was so generous with sharing their knowledge and insight around choosing the right tiles.

“The technical information around tiles and natural stone can be overwhelming for those not in the industry. We go out of our way to assist customers in not only the aesthetics of the products they purchase, but also the characteristics of the tiles, and how to maintain them, and clean them so that they will keep looking beautiful for years to come.”

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At House Of Home we are in awe of the Signorino family’s ability to select and partner with manufacturers and suppliers with such a high standard of product. The Signorino range of tiles, pavers and natural stone is definitely one of the best we’ve seen.

“Our team ventures across the world several times a year to experience firsthand the newest products in production, and the latest natural stone to have been discovered in the amazing quarries of the world. We always ensure that the companies we work with reflect our core values of quality, innovation and integrity,” says David Compagnino.

When it comes to tiles and stones it’s safe to say that most people expect a level of tradition and history. Signorino does not disappoint in this manner, the family has a long-standing relationships with some of Italy’s most renowned tile manufacturers.

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Over the years these suppliers have become like part of the family business, and Signorino is held in similarly high esteem on the other side of the globe.

“Representatives from each supplier also visit us several times a year, providing product updates and also in-depth product training with all our staff,” David told us.

This comprehensive training assists staff in transferring that information to their clients and customers so that they able to make informed decisions. Signorino’s culture for educating customers is all about ensuring that each selection is tailored and just right for that customer’s needs.

What Tile Should I Buy For My Home?

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At Signorino, one of their key messages to clients is that buying tiles and pavers needs both time and consideration. It shouldn’t be a rushed decision.

“Your tile selection is a decision that will grace your home for years, so you want to be sure it’s the right product from the start as it’s a big commitment,” says David.

Given the significance of the decision, customers need to be able to trust a brand, they need to know that the staff are well informed and recommending the perfect tile solution for their interior space.

“At Signorino, clients can rest assured that the products they purchase will be of the upmost quality and standard, and suit their needs,” says David.

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Signorino’s Richmond store offers customers the ability to view a gallery of tiles and natural stone. The comprehensive range of unique and exclusive products adorn the walls and floors like works of art at a private museum. You cannot help but feel the history and quality of craftsmanship as you make your way around the space. But more importantly, there’s something for just about everyone.

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“Displayed is everything one could ever need in the way of tiles or natural stone. There really is something for everyone, we cater to all projects, so you can still achieve that level of quality on any level of budget” explained David

The manner in which the products are thoughtfully displayed enables the customer to experience, and more easily visualise, just how the product may feel in their space.

Purchasing tiles and stone products is one of the major decisions you’ll make in your home. So be confident, and work with genuine experts who have access to an incredible range, like the team at Signorino.

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House Of Home would like to thank David Compagnino from Signorino Tile Gallery for explaining to us how to choose the right tiles for our home