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10 minutes of Bliss with Phoenix

April 30, 2018
10 minutes of Bliss with Phoenix

I used to think that having a bath was a luxury. How things change. Now, it’s absolutely the 10 minutes in the shower each morning that I love. That’s ten minutes for myself, to think about the day & what’s ahead. Ten minutes of luxury.

And I’m sure I’m not alone in valuing this time.

So, when I was reading about the new shower range launch from Phoenix, and they explained that showers are the new hero product of bathroom design, I couldn’t agree more.

A bath is a special occasion item. The shower on the other hand is my everyday sacred space. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that customers are looking for shower products that are refined in design, and enhance the everyday showering experience.

Phoenix are an Australian company well known for their investment in innovation and product design. The tapware ranges they’ve released over the past couple of years have really set the bar for their design detail and product proportion – the Vivid and Rush ranges both spring to mind.

When it comes to the launch of their new shower range, my expectations are high.

Ban Liu, is a Senior Designer at Phoenix and headed up the 18 month plus shower project. We chatted with Ban about what Phoenix wanted to achieve with the new products.

Detail & Proportion

For Ban and the rest of the design team it seemed that two words kept coming up – detail and proportion. Ban explained that rail showers are quite a complicated product with lots of elements – soap dish, sliders, rail, hand shower, hose, and shower rose just to name a few, and that all of these elements need to be balanced and working in harmony. The team noticed that lots of the rail showers & twin showers currently available were visually heavy and bulky, with things like the rail size being too big for the shower rose.

The three designs that Phoenix have released are really sophisticated products – each component carefully designed to work with the rest. The materials have been carefully chosen for both look and feel – the shower hose is simply velvety smooth. The spray jet and nozzle patterns and lay out give each of the designs a distinctive personality. And the soap dish (yes I care!) has been carefully considered to be an integral part of the overall design. Each design is available as a Rail Shower, Shower Arm & Rose, Twin Shower and Hand Shower.

As someone who looks forward to my 10 minutes of peace and quiet in the shower, I really appreciate that there’s a company out there passionate about all of those design details and how they create little moments of happiness in my day.

Good Choices

The challenge for you is which one are you going to choose for your new bathroom?

Phoenix’s design philosophy makes them all good choices – they don’t believe in trends, instead striving for great design. As Ban puts it, ‘we like to stay in the middle – not too complicated, a simple style that will last longer in your home. But we want you to notice and enjoy the details.’ Not only is their longevity in the design, but the showers also come with a lifetime warranty.


Straight Up Cape

The NX Cape shower range is strong and angular. If you’ve decided to go with square fittings in your bathroom, then you definitely should consider the NX Cape for your shower products.

The highlights of black on NX Cape range – in the hand shower hose, the rows of nozzles and jets and in the lining of the shower dish - add to the contemporary strength of the design. In particular – I really love the way that the nozzle pattern on the hand shower has been emphasised – there’s something very sleek about the striping effect. It’s rated at a water flow of 8.5 litres per minutes, which makes it 3 star WELS rated, which is actually one of the higher rated shower products on the market. The positioning of the spray jets & nozzles create a ‘strong & immersive’ shower experience. As Ban explained, this is the more masculine of the three designs.


Organic Quil

NX Quil is a beautifully proportioned shower, with its circle shape, and complementary curves repeated through out the design. It’s the counterpoint to the straightness of NX Cape. The shower rose is trimmed with black detailing, and the nozzle pattern is also highlighted with the same black highlights. These are seriously beautifully designed showers – and for lovers of the rain shower effect, the NX Quil is the one to choose. And you can enjoy the twin shower model knowing that you’re only using 8.5 litres per minute.


Vive in the Middle

The NX Vive differs slightly from Cape & Quil – it has light grey highlights on the shower rose and hand shower rather than the stronger black detailing, and a natural white hose. The rail, and twin shower are mounted on a round rail, rather than the flat profile of both the NX Quil and NX Cape models. The result is a very different looking shower unit – visually it’s the lightest of the three. It would be a perfect choice for any one looking for a contemporary design, luxury shower with soft-square lines.

The NX Vive offers a different shower pattern, with a mix of jets giving an ‘invigorating’ shower experience. But its still water savvy – the NX Vive also comes in rated at 3 star WELS rating.

All good choices

Showering under any of these three new shower ranges is going to be a great way to start your day. Guaranteed. The NX series is ticking the box for beautiful considered design that will only enhance your bathroom; the lifetime warranty shows Phoenix’s confidence in both their design and the product quality; and most importantly the experience of standing under either the NX Vive, NX Cape or NX Quil you’ll get your ten minutes of recharge and luxury in your day. Enjoy!

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