Sebastian Damm, Industrial Designer

August 04, 2014
Sebastian Damm, Industrial Designer

Written by guest blogger Sebastian Damm

As an industrial design student I am constantly trying to find new and exciting ways to showcase my talents. My interest in art and design began in my early childhood, however the obsession only took hold in my mid teens where I developed a love for sketching and ceramics. My design practice focuses heavily around problem solving, so when I was given the opportunity to revisit my “Alga” pendant light design, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. Alga was designed to replicate the Bioluminscent and Molecular characteristics of the Noctilucae Scintillans Algae. The exterior shell is covered in organic extrudes, creating a beautiful organic pattern. This is complemented by an Amber interior glass blown shell, which diffuses the light beautifully, while also casting an amber glow on the interior of the organic shell.

sebastian damm alga light

While beautiful, this design is unfeasible as it is nearly impossible to manufacture without the use of 3D printing. Unfortunately additive Manufacturing is still a few years off being a viable manufacture method for mass, or batch produced products. This then left me with a significant problem, how could I produce my organic design, but keep manufacturing costs down to a feasible and economically viable amount? And here born was Beta.

sebastian damm beta light

Over nine months of testing and exploration has gone into my Beta design. The design itself pays homage to the original Alga design, while differentiating itself in one key area. Unlike Alga, Beta can be viably manufactured in a cost effective, environmentally sustainable method. While the design still needs some tweaking, by January 2015, I aim to take Beta into production and am currently looking for stockists for the Australian made, Australian Designed and Australian inspired design. The interior of Beta remains the same as Alga; however, the exterior shell is manufactured with a revolutionary Vacuum Forming technique which allows me to laser cut the organic holes onto a flat sheet, then form the plastic over a mold.

sebastian damm and light

After the success of both my Alga, and Beta designs, I believe that furniture design is a career path that I wish to explore. I have gained great experience from numerous exhibitions including a self run exhibition in St Kilda called Switched On, and VIVID design competition, while also gaining great experience in the field through mentors Viktor Legin and Edward Linacre from Copper ID. Through this experience I have concluded that I wish to pursue a career in product, and furniture design. Like many young designers I too have the dream of one day owning and running my own design firm, or consultancy; however I am well aware of the hard work, and dedication that I will need to display in order to get there. In conclusion I am a budding young Industrial designer who dreams of making a living in the product and furniture design market, and emulating young companies such as Lab De Stu, Copper ID and Christopher Boots.