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How to get the Scandinavian Look

August 14, 2014
How to get the Scandinavian Look

Written by guest blogger Minot Pettinato

Scandinavian design is absolutely trending, and it's no wonder with its wide versatility in pieces used and colors available within the style. This mid-century modern style mixes pieces from the 50s with those of our modern era and is perfect for any budget. This style also works well for furniture newbies due to its minimalist nature. This stylishly functional look offers a sleek and modern touch to any room and it couldn't be simpler to achieve.

Minimalist Expressions

This style focuses on being minimal with your layout, adding a perfect modern touch to spice up any old room. This style works best with modern style homes and loft apartments. To achieve this look for a dining area, simply paint the room white or a dark charcoal and use a teak table such as this African Print Coffee Table with Scandinavian lines with this Berkowitz 3 Seater Sofa and amazing bamboo pendant lighting. These pieces combined offer a budget friendly room that is still trendy and dramatic even with the use of less furniture. Another amazing piece to transform your room is this Relax House Entertainment Unit.

relax house danish entertainment unit

Perfect For Newcomers

Part of the charm of the Scandinavian design is its minimalist look, which makes it perfect for those looking to completely revamp their style, or for those who are moving out for the first time. Simply pair pieces like Älska's Humlén Chair and Becca Chair together with Picci's Hampton Sofa for the perfect, simple design.

Scandinavian on a Budget

Styling Scandinavian doesn't have to be a strain on your wallet, nor does the lack of furniture mean your house has to look like a stark, stale doctor's office waiting room. For a budget conscious Scandinavian bedroom try pairing this bed Nordic Timber Bed with this African Print Chest of Drawers, a little mood lighting and a simple punchy accessory like the Workshopped Art Hook. Remember that even with its minimalist style, this look can still be homey. For instance, try pairing your solemn living space with a white bookshelf packed with colorful books. The addition of books will make the room feel fuller and lived in without taking away from the style you're going for.

Berkowitz molmic ally sofa

Colours to Work With

Scandinavian color schemes can go anywhere from browns and greys, to pops of color everywhere. An ongoing trend in Scandinavian design is the use of white in each room. Using white as your base for your living area offers your other Scandinavian pieces the chance to pop and steal the show. You can also incorporate patterns into your room, such as this Masai Crimson Rug. Be careful not to be too over dramatic with your patterns though, as the key to Scandinavian design is to keep things looking minimal, and too much pattern can make your room look busy and defeat the purpose of this style.

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