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Safety for your office staff 

January 30, 2014
Safety for your office staff

Even the most low-key, basic office layout could be host to workplace hazards and threats, so it’s essential these be mitigated and prevented and staff safety be top-of-mind all the time. Below are some staff safety ideas to help get or keep your office as safe as possible for staff.


The Work Health and Safety Act is certainly a thorough resource when it comes to identifying and mitigating workplace risks, and the appropriate WorkSafe in your state or territory is an additional must-visit reference. It is important to remember that the ideas below do not form legal advice when it comes to maximising work staff safety, nor are they a complete and final list of check items.

First Aid

It is imperative all office work places have a dedicated, up-to-date First Aid box as well as someone who is certifiably able to administer First Aid. The number of staff required to do this depends on the total number of workers in your office, so be sure to make enquiries so that you have the correct quota of First Aiders!

How does it feel?

Temperature and ventilation play a big role in safety for office staff. Most of us tend to feel comfortable working somewhere around 20 – 26 degrees Celsius. Some work offices provide general as well as localised temperature and ventilation options for staff so that their environment is as tailored to them as possible.

Going green

Indoor plants can not only be well-received by office staff, they can also go a long way in promoting office wellbeing. Consider live, green plants that can be placed in pots and located around your office. It’ll give the space a refreshing, welcoming feel as well! Keep the copier at bay Photocopiers should not be located near actual work stations. Although modern photocopiers are unlikely to produce ozone (which can have negative effects on the eyes and respiratory system), it is a good idea to keep all photocopiers, irrespective of their model or age, regularly serviced so that staff safety is assured.

What height is right?

Desk height, chair height, keyboard reach, mouse size – all these considerations can make a difference between a staff member working away comfortably, or developing niggles and pains over time. Again, seek professional advice on the correct safety measurements for your workplace furniture and accessories.

Keep it contained

Do you have free-standing items in your office that should really be affixed or secured to something? Does the nature of your work mean you have cords running from one end of the room to another? To keep your office as safe as possible, make sure items are kept firmly in place and risk no chance of tripping someone up, or toppling over. Don’t overload circuits and where possible keep cords running along the wall and not near walkway thoroughfares.

There is almost no end to ways you must and can maintain safety for your office staff. Be sure to make the necessary enquiries to ensure every legal box is ticked, and that you are creating a place that is practical, pleasant and ultimately as safe as possible for your staff.

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