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Tips To A Safe And Secure Home

Tips To A Safe And Secure Home

In today’s society, good home security can often save you a lot of frustration and heartbreak. It usually comes down to a few simple details that can make the difference between your house being broken into, and your family home remaining safe and sound from intruders.

Nathan the founder of provides some insightful tips for home security. Locksmith Sydney provides the resources you need to make sure your property is safe and secure. He specialises in helping property owners find the best locksmith for their security needs.

Here are some easy tips to developing solid security within your home:

Securing Your Entrance Doors

Your main entrances are your first line of defence against intruders. It is always a good idea to make sure that each door is properly secured.

Firstly make sure your doors are of solid construction. A beautiful solid wood door or stylish metal door can provide the solid defence you need. Avoid flimsy wooden doors or doors that have glass near the door knobs. These doors can easily be kicked in or smashed.

Once you have a solid door installed, make sure you get a quality lock to go with it. I recommend installing a quality double cylinder deadbolt on all main access doors. These locks are one of the most secure out there. They make it very difficult to open the door from both sides without a key.

And lastly, don’t forget to lock your door when you leave. This might sound simple, but many break-ins are a result of an opportunistic thief discovering that the front or back door was unlocked.

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Install A Working Alarm

A security alarm is an excellent deterrent for would-be thieves. If you don’t already have one, I recommend getting one installed. Integrated Technologies Australia have a great range of options.

If you do have one, do some quick check to make sure it is working correctly. Check that the cameras and sensors are working and are not impeded by anything. Quickly check the battery to make sure it is also working and charging properly.

Don’t forget to turn it on when you leave home. A good routine is to do a quick check of the house to make sure everything is locked and set the alarm before finally heading out (and locking) your front door.

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Secure Your Windows

Many people forget about their windows, however, it is one of the top ways a burglar will get into your home. At an absolute minimum, have a sturdy window fastener to ensure that your windows cannot be opened from the outside. Ideally, you want a key lockable window fastener for extra security.

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Remove Potential Hiding Places

Security fences and bushy shrubs can provide excellent privacy for your home, however, they also provide the perfect cover for a burglar trying to break into your home. Consider removing any shrubs or objects that could conceal someone from street view.

If you have any tall or thick shrubs around your doors or dinners, keep them well trimmed or remove them altogether.

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Install Security Lighting

Carefully chosen outdoor lighting can provide the finishing touches to an outdoor space. But did you know it can also help secure your home?

As a burglar, the last thing they want is attention bought to their suspicious activity. This is where security lighting is effective. When a sensor detects movement the light switches on and illuminates the area.

Install lighting at the main entrances of your home. If you have the budget, install lighting to illuminate potential hiding places around your property.

Not only will your property looking fantastic, but burglars will think twice about entering your home.

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Advertise That Your Home Is Secure

If a burglar knows that your home is secure they will likely not take the risk. By placing security signs in noticeable parts of your property, you are letting burglars know that your home is not an easy target. Stick these signs in prominent places such as near the front door and at the properties entrance.

Keep the sticker generic. Don’t mention the make, model or manufacturer of your security system. This information can be used by more experienced burglars to bypass your system or disable it all together.

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Hide Valuables From Street View

Most burglars will scope out a property before breaking in. They want to determine whether your home has anything valuable that is worth the risk when breaking in.

To make it hard for thieves, keep your curtains and blinds closed at night or when you are out. If a thief can’t see what valuables you have, then they will likely move on.

If you have just bought something nice like a laptop, or a new television, make sure you conceal the packaging in the trash. An overflowing bin with packaging is a clear sign of what you have worth stealing.

Also, make sure that you keep purses, car keys, cash and jewellery hidden away from windows.

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Get A Home Security Check

We each have our own tastes and style, and our home will reflect that. It is always a good idea to get professional advice specific to your home and family.

Fortunately, some local police departments offer free home security checks. If not, your local locksmith will be able to help.

Police and locksmiths are up to date with the local patterns in crime and will know the best methods to stop intruders. They will be able to offer you professional advice tailored to your home.

And remember, security doesn't need to be drab and boring. With a little creativity, you can create a home that not only looks great but is safe and secure from intruders.

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Thank you Nathan for sharing some insightful tips!