May 11, 2015

You know when you meet someone and, you instantly get the vibe that they were destined to be doing what they are doing? Well, we believe Eden is one of those guys. His name alone means delight. And, that’s exactly what his beautiful store Rustique is.

Originally trading in Mornington, but now having transformed an old petrol station into a literal treasure trove of homewares goodness, you can find Rustique on the Nepean Highway in Chelsea.

It wasn’t always as idyllic as it sounds though. Only six years ago, Eden was working the 9 till 5 grind as an office worker in Collins Street. There in his office he would find himself daydreaming, starring out the window with a passion that was not being fostered. It was time for change. Time to turn that desire into something he loved.

Fast forward to today and Eden has no time to daydream. Instead, his hours are filled organising everything behind the scenes that it takes to run a successful business. A big allocation of those hours are spent travelling to India to handpick amazing products and oversee custom designs for his grateful customers back home.

Rustique Shipment Container

Coastal. Provincial. Vintage. That’s how the amazing collection at Rustique is described by Eden. Everything from vintage shop gates, reclaimed timber bedside tables, linen dining chairs to a copper bath. The items all seem to tell a story and, that nicely brings us to Ronald.

Eden couldn’t do all this on his own. One of the most charming things in his store can’t be bought. Although, we get the impression that perhaps he could for a good price! That’s Ronald, his 80 year father from Belfast, Ireland. A grand storyteller, Ron oversees customers’ happiness and that their needs are fulfilled - all done with a very cheerful disposition.

Most of Rustique’s customers are people looking for that one off item to really make an impact in their space.

“We are also finding that given our eclectic collection, we are picking up a lot of work fitting out cafes. We’ve just started to make custom made recycled furniture and the café owners love everything industrial”, comments Eden.

“Vintage fire pits, industrial pendant lights and recycled timber tables seem to be the hot items at the moment with our customers” states Eden.

“Personally, I really love our exotic 100 year old doors from India. Currently, I order a container every two months and there are at least 20 sets of doors in each of those. So, our customers must love them as well!”, notes Eden excitedly.

When it comes to sharing some secrets about choosing products for your home, Eden doesn’t hesitate with an answer. “It’s easy, trust the item you love and the rest of the design will follow”.

As Eden says, “it’s a true blessing to love your work” and after one visit to Rustique, it’s clear that that’s exactly what Eden lives and breathes.

The Team at House Of Home would like to thank Eden for his time and sharing his Rustique story with us