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Rubber Tree Plant

August 31, 2016
Rubber Tree Plant

The Rubber Tree is a winning indoor plant. Not only does it look great in your living room or kitchen, but it's hardy and easy care. What more could you want from a plant? If you are just starting out with indoor plants, this is a great beginner’s plant and one to boost your confidence.

Different Varieties of Ficus Elastica

Its scientific name is Ficus Elastica, and it’s a member of the fig family. There are three common varieties available as house plants – the pink variegated, the cream variegated and the black. They all have large, shiny, leathery leaves and grow up from a central stem.

Pink Variegated

Known as the Ficus Elastica ‘Tricolor’ has pink ad cream coloured patches on a green background.

Cream Variegated

Known as the Ficus Elastica ‘Schrijvereana’ has squarish patches of cream and pale green.

Black Rubber Tree

Ficus Elastica ‘Black Prince’ has leaves that are an impressive green black as their normal colour. Adding to its dramatic appearance are the bright red protective sheathes that new leaves emerge from.

How to water a Rubber Tree

The Rubber Tree is seriously an easy care plant. To know when it needs watering, simply dig your finger down about an inch into the soil, if it is dry an inch down then your plant needs watering.

For a plant in approximately a 26cm pot, give the plant a good soaking with a litre of water. Let all of the excess water drain out - Don’t let the plant sit in excess water. Your plant will need less water is winter than in the summer months.

Best Position for your Rubber Tree Plant

Rubber Plants love a well lit space in your home, but do try and avoid direct light; the rubber tree will be happy in a bright position.

Rubber Trees love to have their leaves cleaned, plus the leaves look great when they are free of dust and glossy. To clean the leaves, use a soft cloth damp with luke warm water. Remember to use one hand to support the leaf from underneath when you are cleaning so as to avoid any strain on the leaf stalk.

Thanks very much to Ruth from Fowlers Flowers , Clifton Hill, for sharing her practical tips on keeping you Rubber Tree Plants looking healthy.

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Thanks so much to the lovely folk at Frankie & Coco in Hampton, Established for Design in Malvern East and Zachloe Lifestyle in South Melbourne for so kindly loaning us some of their beautiful planters for use in this shoot.

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