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What’s the right fireplace for you?

April 04, 2018
What’s the right fireplace for you?

It’s nearly winter. Again. If you’ve been promising yourself that this is the winter that you are going to upgrade, replace, or just install a new heater, well now is the time to do something about it.

If you know what you want – too easy, scroll down, we’ve pulled together this year’s new models for you to review.

If however, you are not sure what you want, but simply know that you’d like a fireplace then this is the guide for you – how to find the right fireplace depending on your needs and where you live.

What kind of heat do you need from your fireplace?

Of course, all fireplaces give off heat & are warming. It’s just that they are not all equally suited to different locations & needs. So it’s helpful when working through your decision making process if, upfront, you decide whether your fireplace is going to be:

  • The primary heat source for the home
  • An additional or alternative heat source
  • Or more for adding to ambience and atmosphere


Primary Heat Source?

If your goal is to use your fireplace as the primary heat source for your home, then you should look at a slow combustion wood heater. Slow Combustion Wood Heaters are efficient – in fact they are getting more and more efficient every year.

A slow combustion wood heater is one where the unit is fully sealed. Some units are designed with air-flow systems to circulate the warm air via ducting to other parts of the house.

Choosing a wood burning fireplace with a large capacity wood box, air-transfer system and long burn time means that you can easily heat your home with a slow combustion heater. Here’s some more information about average and peak efficiency, and other aspects affecting the efficiency of wood heaters.

Don’t forget though, that as with all wood burning heaters, you need to be mindful of managing emissions, particularly in urban areas; and you’ll need a supply of good quality seasoned wood to get the most efficient results. So for the most part, they are best suited to homes in rural areas.

The Quadra-fire range is really well suited to heating your entire home, in particular the 4300 Millenium model.


Additional or Alternative Heat Source

If you already have home heating sorted, but love the look of a fireplace, or perhaps want an option just to heat a single room, or for some extra warmth on those really cold nights, then there are plenty of options to choose from.

Depending on your personal taste you could choose a gas fireplace, or a wood burning option – either a sealed heater or an open fireplace.

Gas Fireplaces will give you the convenience of heat at the flick of a switch, with nothing to clean up, and a very natural look – lots of people love their gas fireplace. Being connected to mains gas helps. A Heat & Glo gas fireplace will rapidly heat up a room of 6 to 8 squares.

The other option is to look at an open fire. There really isn’t anything better. The satisfaction that comes with laying and lighting the fire, the pop and crackle as it gets started and the almost meditative play of the flames.

When it comes to creating ambience in a room there’s nothing like an open wood fire. The Jetmaster model is one of the best on the market.

Adding Ambience

If you are looking to add ambience and atmosphere to a room we love an open fire. The Jetmaster unit ticks lots of boxes – a smoke free guarantee has to be close to the top of the list, closely followed by options to install in either a masonry or timber frame, and a unique design that uses constant convection to push the heat back into the room rather than letting it sneak away up the chimney.

Running a close second is a gas fireplace from Heat&Glo. There’s a new range available that combines the convenience of a fireplace that lights with the press of a button, filled with loads of technology to increase efficiency plus sleek new styling.

Where do you live?

Maybe it sounds like a funny question, but where you live will actually influence the best choice of fireplace for your home. Here are some general pointers, but its always best to head instore and chat to an expert.

Rural and Country

If you’re lucky enough to live rurally and enjoy the traffic free roads, you possibly also have access to firewood. If the answer is yes, then take a look at the range of slow combustion wood stoves as a primary source of heating for your home.

Lots of rural towns and cities are connected to mains gas – if your area is one of these, then installing a gas fireplace is also a good secondary home heating option to consider.

Outer Suburban Fringe

Ok – so options for people who live in the outer suburbs, are really very similar to people living rurally. Most likely you are going to have access to town gas, so the convenience of a gas fireplace is a possibility, as that additional heat source, or for adding ambience to a room.

If you’ve got access to firewood, and you can comply with regulations concerning the height of your flue, then check out Slow Combustion Wood Heaters.

The Australian Home Heating Association recommends:

“You should consider the height of your flue to allow the combustion gases to disburse appropriately. Where neighbouring buildings/homes have different elevations the flue would need to be at least one metre higher than the building. In some areas, it may not be practical to install and use a wood heater because the flue would need to be very high to achieve minimum clearances.”

Inner Urban & Suburban

If you live in the city or suburbs, then using a wood heater as your primary source of heating is going to be tricky. Two key reasons – supply and storage of firewood, and the emissions. Using a gas fireplace as a secondary heat source is most likely going to give you a better result.

For those of you who love open wood fires, of course it’s an option, just make sure you comply with the flue clearance requirements described above.

New Model Releases

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We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to research your new fireplace, then be sure and check out our Fireplace range.

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