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Renovating Outdoors

January 30, 2014
Renovating Outdoors

When renovating, sometimes the outdoor area is the last space to be considered.

However, it’s one of the areas in your home that can really transform the way you use the space and, it’s often people’s first impression of your property.

Street Appeal

Look at the front of your home both during the day and the night.

There are some simple renovations you can do to increase your street side appeal.

Perhaps a fresh coat of paint on the wall, hang a new front door or install some outdoor lighting to enhance existing features.


Like the rooms in your home, think about how you like to spend your time in the garden, the orientation of your block and what you want to achieve.

Be clever when considering your final layout and whether you want to incorporate items like built in seating, shade sails or pizza ovens.

If you’re selecting a water feature, they usually require a power outlet and pump so be aware of manufacture installation guides and requirements.

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Outdoor Lighting

Lighting for your homes outdoor areas can be for both function and aesthetics.

Think about what you do in that space and that will help you select what lighting solution you require.

Are you going to be cooking at a BBQ or do you need to be able to walk down a garden path?

Then directional and task lighting will be applicable.

Do you have a gorgeous row of silver birch trees or a house number you want to make a feature?

Then a combination of directional and ambient lighting will be a great solution.

Will you need mains power or can you use solar power options.

Do you require security lighting around the home?

Then motion sensor lights may be a possible choice.

Lastly, keep in mind all lights obviously need to be weather proof.

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Renovating the fence can provide an instant fresh look to your home.

Consider the style of home you have when selecting your fence and think about materials and styles that would complement and enhance the houses best features.

Also, keep in mind what the purpose of the fence is. Is it to be used as a front, side or back boundary fence.

Therefore, does it need to provide security, privacy or both? This will help when it comes to selecting your ultimate fence solution.

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Outdoor Kitchen

Having an outdoor kitchen is a real luxury for cooking and entertaining during the warmer months.

There are some terrific materials that suit all-weather conditions that can be used for benchtops, splashbacks, cabinetry and cooking appliances.

Again, think about your space available, will it be fully outdoors and exposed to the elements or partly covered and therefore somewhat protected.

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When thinking of renovating, or installing, a new shed keep in mind what the shed is to be used for.

There are plenty of shed options on the market to suit all needs and budgets. Is it just a simple little shed for the corner of the block to house the lawn mower, ladder and whipper snipper?

Is it for a hobby like your son’s rock band practice or your husband’s new found passion for wood turning?

Also, consider the space where the shed will be erected as this will no doubt dictate size and style.


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