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Reinvent Your Furniture with These Simple Hacks

September 15, 2016
Reinvent Your Furniture with These Simple Hacks

There’s one thing that every living space should have in order to feel unique, and that’s the element of surprise!

Having pieces of furniture or decor that are unexpected and intriguing can be a great conversation starter, and are they key to personalising your home and impressing your guests!

Just as re-purposing old furniture is a great way to add a new lease of life to tired or dated items, re-inventing new furniture is a fantastic way to make your home more inviting (while simultaneously putting your own individual stamp on things). Either way, customising your furniture and home décor is a fun, creative and cost effective way to decorate your home.

If you’re looking for some simple, easy ways to make your home more distinctive while reflecting your own individual personality and style, we have some tips and tricks to help you.

Below are 5 creative ideas for effortlessly re-purposing, recycling, refurbishing or reinventing the elements in your interior.

Reinvent your Furniture House of Home

Cupboard Door Hardware, Handles and Knobs

The easiest hack of all to master! It’s simple and super cost effective, yet the impact a new door knob or handle can have on a chest of drawers, cabinet or vanity is just incredible! With so many different profiles, colours and finishes available – it’s easy to find a style you love.

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Furniture Legs

Fall in love your sofa, armchair, bed, chest of drawers or side table again (or personalise a new one) with a lovely leg makeover. A new leg style can completely transform any item of furniture. For example, a chest of drawers on a plinth can be converted into a side board with the addition of some stylish legs. Similarly, replacing a square cherry stained leg on a chair or sofa for a tapered oak leg and be all that’s required to make it look modern.

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Customise your Décor

You don’t always have to buy ‘off the shelf’. Having items such as cushions, lamp shades or bedheads custom-made will allow you to create something unique that will fit perfectly in your home. Lamp shades can easily be changed give the base a more modern look. You can choose the colour, style, pattern, or shape and be guaranteed not one of your friends, family, neighbours or colleagues will have the same thing!

House of Home

Wall Coverings

One of our favourite ways to instantly update the look and feel of a room is to create a feature wall. Whether it be in the lounge, bathroom, powder room, bedroom or study; a fresh new wall colour, pattern or design can create a striking focal point that sets the tone for the whole room.

We love Pickawall’s collection as it is completely removable and easy to clean! This offers flexibility so that if you tire of it or want to update it with changing trends, you can do so easily. It can be taken down no mess, no fuss and it can even be relocated to another room.

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Paint or Stain It

A fresh lick of paint can personalise even the most nondescript, low-cost items of furniture. This low effort trick can transform items such as a dresser, bedside table or buffet into an expensive and brand new looking piece that be the envy of all your friends. When re-painting, remember to follow the 5 simple rules: Sand first, then remove residue, prime it, paint it and seal to finish.

Alternatively, If you have a vintage piece that that is just too beautiful to paint, staining is the perfect solution to make it look brand new again. When staining, remember to lightly sand first, then use a foam brush to apply a thin coat of water-based pre-stain conditioner and let it dry about 3-4 minutes before applying your stain. Then apply a generous amount of stain in sections and wipe with a rag. The longer you leave a stain on, the darker it will get.

For more inspiration and ideas how to reinvent your interior, take a peek at these crafty books below:

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