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What are the benefits of a louvred roof system in Melbourne?

November 18, 2016
What are the benefits of a louvred roof system in Melbourne?

If you have the pleasure of living in Melbourne, then you’ll know just how fickle our weather can be – sun, rain, light breeze, or a howling southerly all within 10 minutes of each other. But we still love being outdoors right?

So what’s the option for outdoor shading, or better still what’s the option for sun, rain & wind protection?

Anthony Lynch, of Lynch's Window Fashions, just may have the solution for you.

But first, a little bit about Anthony’s background. Anthony has had his own business in window furnishings for almost 5 years now, and before that he spent another 5 years supporting other window furnishing businesses. Over that time he’s developed a very finely tuned sense of what works and what doesn’t.

He has put together a range of products that all deliver on quality, and longevity, but more importantly for Anthony’s customers they make living in their homes a better experience, and improve their lifestyle, both aesthetically and functionally.

So when Anthony discovered the Renson Louvred Roof Systems at a recent trade show, Anthony was pretty sure that he’d just found the newest addition to his product stable.

“I’ve been selling a diverse range of external awnings for a long time, and they all provide great outdoor shading solutions for outside of the house, but they do have their limitations. I’ve been looking for something that creates a really flexible outdoor space for people – a system that offers full shade when its needed, or filtered light, a fully waterproof solution for when it rains, with options to fully enclose the sides to protect against the wind, rain or sun, basically a fully operable outdoor room”

And that’s where the Renson system comes in. A Belgian made product, this is a louvred roof system that sets the standard in terms of innovation & product design. As Anthony explains, ‘Renson are one of the market leaders in louvred roof system designs. Everything about their product has been designed and improved on to give my customer the best possible result”.

So how does a louvred roof system work?

The Renson system allows you to create a fully flexible outdoor living & entertaining area. Each system is custom designed & built to your specific requirements, so the size, orientation and optional inclusions will work perfectly in any environment.

The aluminum louvres are designed so that they can create just the kind of space you need to enjoy the day. Hot, bright sun – close the louvres over fully to create a fully shaded spot.

Want some light & warmth but not full sun? Easy – simply tilt the louvres.

All set up outside & suddenly it begins to rain (that’s Melbourne!)? No worries – simply use the remote control to close the roof fully.

Plus you can go beyond using the Renson as sun and rain protection for your pergola and look at adding some sides to enclose the space. There are options to use glass, wood or screening options depending on what you want to achieve.

As Anthony explains, adding the sides to the Renson gives the added flexibility of wind protection or additional shading as the sun lowers in the sky. As you would expect the sides are fully retractable, so you are still keeping a really flexible outdoor space.

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Anthony is really excited about introducing the full Renson product range to the Australian market, “There are other louvered roof systems on the market, and no disrespect to any of them as they have done the job, but in my opinion there is nothing that offers the same level of functional design options as well as the absolute high end technical innovation and sophistication in manufacturing. Plus, as of January 2017 Renson will be releasing an amazing new Outdoor louvered roof called the Skye into the market, it does more then just tilt the louvres open and closed, the louvres will fully retract back to one end which will completely expose the sun like an open roof. It’s incredibly exciting.”

This is a super practical, flexible product – we can imagine one installed half over a pool to create a shaded swimming area and inviting outdoor space. Maybe next summer?

Want to learn more about Renson?

Lynch’s Window Fashions are an official Renson ambassador for Victoria.