Create a Flexible Living Space with Privacy Screens 

November 01, 2016
Create a Flexible Living Space with Privacy Screens

The way that we live is constantly evolving, just as trends change, so does the way people use and interact with the spaces within their homes.

Now, more than ever it is important to create flexible living areas that can adapt to a home’s (or home owners) ever changing needs.

In recent years the open-plan living concept has very much become a way of life, and while this type of layout does has many advantages, it can also have its limitations. An open-plan layout can sometimes feel somewhat empty or lack a sense of comfort and coziness. This is can be especially so if the layout is not properly divided into living zones. The space can also tend to feel a little cluttered and chaotic if spaces aren’t clearly defined. One of the biggest disadvantages though can be the lack of privacy or noise control.

The good news is there is a solution! A privacy screen can be used as a room divider, which is a simple and cost-effective way to separate or demarcate an area. This will help to create a more intimate and functional zone that can easily be converted or adapted in the future. No structural changes necessary!

Plus, Privacy Screens are not just limited to large open plan areas, they can work just as well in a smaller space such as apartment to help distinguish one area from another.

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Privacy screens are becoming very popular and as such there is a great range of gorgeous designs and profiles available in a myriad of finishes to suit any style home. Unlike a painted wall, a privacy screen offers a sculptural element, is a great way to introduce colour, pattern or texture to the home and many screens have designs that allow natural light shine through them.

The best thing is a privacy screen can be easily relocated to another area if needed, or placed to one side to create a dual purpose space.

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Getting a little privacy has never been easier, below are some beautiful contemporary room dividers that will not help to add structure to your space but will also create a stunning focal point that makes a statement in the home.

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