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Create the Perfect Powder Room

March 29, 2016
Create the Perfect Powder Room

The powder room can often become the most neglected room in the house. Having to compete with the likes of the kitchen and bathroom for part of the overall budget during a refurbishment, it’s no wonder that many powder rooms find themselves in the ‘functional’ rather than ‘aesthetically pleasing’ category.

This doesn’t have to been the case; the good news is the powder room is one of the least expensive rooms in the house to renovate. It doesn’t matter whether your powder room is large or small, introducing or changing a couple of key elements in this space will make all the difference and doesn’t have to break the budget.

Remember, simplicity and elegance are the key to creating a stylish space, however, don’t be afraid to make a statement. It’s okay to experiment with bold colour palettes, striking wall paper, wall to wall feature tiles and gorgeous accessories. Below are a few tips and tricks to help you to make small changes that will have huge impact guaranteed to make your family and guests feel pampered.

Creating the Perfect Powder Room House of Home

Replace the Tapware, Basin or Vanity

Updating a worn or out dated tap can make all the difference and is as easy as changing your outfit! Just make sure it ties back in with the other elements in the room.

Vessel Style  Powder Room Basin

Vessel Basins

A vessel style sink can add make a great feature and are available in a variety of beautiful materials such as marble, concrete, bronze and vitreous china. All of which are great alternative to ceramic.

Powder Room Pedestal Basin

Pedestal or Free Standing Basins

A pedestal or free-standing basin is great option for small powder rooms as it can make a smaller space look less cluttered. Designs have come a long way and there are some beautiful sculptural profiles on the market today.

Wall Hung Powder Room Basin

Wall Hung Basins

A wall hung basin creates an appearance of floating for a minimalist look and is for the ultimate space saving solution for teeny tiny powder rooms.

Minosa Design dot com

Wall Hung Vanities

A compact wall hung vanity will also create the illusion of more space, as will an open profile vanity. A vanity with an integrated basin can create a ‘barely there’ seamless look, which will allow the tapware to become the focal point.

Back to Wall Toilet

Update the Throne

Introducing a concealed cistern back to wall or wall hung unit will help to create the illusion of more space. Just be mindful that the cistern will need to be built into a false wall. Adding shelving above this recess is a nice way to incorporate storage. If space is of a premium, a monolith wall hung WC can be installed. A Monolith provides a beautiful, yet economical solution for a modern bathroom without changing the existing wall or plumbing.

Powder Room Styling

Style your Shelves

Adding shelving provides a practical solution for storing and styling at the same time. Style your shelves with grooming products, toiletries in decorative vessels, plants or neatly folded hand towels and the like. Be sure to leave some areas of white space so that the shelves don’t look messy and cluttered and note that objects look better when grouped in threes.

Introduce Smart Storage Solutions

Think outside the box for this one. Forget the usual medicine cabinet, there are clever ways to introduce storage that will also create interest. Baskets, ladders, sculptural hooks and modern wall units are a functional way to add interest to a space.

Graphico Mosaico Digitale Mosaic Wall

Create a Feature Wall

A feature has big impact and is a great way to introduce colour, pattern or texture. It can be as simple as installing a natural looking wall vinyl with a textured weave or if you want to go bold there are two stand out companies on the market offering incredible products.

It’s important to note, if you decide on a feature wall, allow it to become the focal point. The rest of interior should be paired back as to not compete and to allow the wall to shine. You won’t need to add any additional art with a feature wall. And remember don’t be afraid to go bold! The powder room is the perfect place to be brave and unleash your creativity!


Pickawall is Australia's largest wall mural company, providing fully customisable made to order wall murals. Their library partners at Getty Images and Alamy, providing Pickawall access to 80 million high resolution images which you can use to create your own wall mural. The best thing is that Pickawall is removable! Discover more about Pickawall.

Powder Room Mirrors

Hang a New Mirror with Presence

Mirrors are a necessity and a well-placed mirror will create the illusion of space. However, the wall to wall mirror has been over-shadowed by the wall hung. Round, Square or Rectangular with a thin profile frame have become increasingly popular. Circular mirrors have been a huge hit as this shape is most restful on the eye.

Powder Room Artwork

Introduce Artwork

Colour can be introduced through a strategically placed artwork, while a monochromatic print can add an air of sophistication, or wall art can add depth and dimension to create a focal point.

Powder Room Stool

Incorporate a Stool or Side Table

A stool can and a sculptural element and is great for filling a corner or dead space. It can be used as pedestal to place a plant on top of or decorate with rolled towels and a diffuser.

Botanicals   Plants

Enhance with Botanicals

Revitalise and invigorate the senses with the introduction of greenery or fresh cut flowers. There’s a smorgasbord of pots available to house the likes of Ferns, Palms, Aspidistra, Fiddle Leaf, Peace Lily, Happy Plants and Philodendron, to name a few.

Ecoya Bathroom Accessories

Include Powder Room Accents

Add the finishing touches with scented candles, diffuser or fragrant soap. These elements appeal to the senses and are a beautiful way to add a freshness and zest or a feeling of warmth and comfort. Unscented candles can be used with essential oils to revitalize and re-energize.

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