Powder Room

January 30, 2014
Powder Room

Traditionally, the powder room in a home is a relatively tight area when it comes to space.

Given the lack of size, people can often be discouraged from incorporating bold elements of design into the powder room. However, this really should not be the case. Renovating a powder room can be seen as an opportunity in the home to create a dramatic, escapism, like space.

Basins, Taps and Toilets

Given the usual limited space in a powder room, consider installing a smaller size basin rather than a standard. Mounting a mixer, or taps, directly on the wall can also help with space. Installing an in-wall cistern toilet is also a terrific space saving solution.


Mouldings are one application in the powder room that you don’t need to assume to downsize. In fact, wide skirtings trims and cornices can be a real design feature for the powder room. Just be sure to consider the powder room mouldings in proportion to the other objects in the room.


If selecting wallpaper for your powder room wall, don’t be afraid to choose large, bold, patterns. Also, don’t feel as though you can only apply the wallpaper on one wall. Some of the most fabulous powder rooms have all four walls covered in wallpaper.

Towel Rails, Hooks and Ring

A single towel rail, a towel ring or a couple of hooks should be adequate enough for your powder room requirements. If space is really minimal, consider hooks on the back of the door as this is a terrific solution space saving solution. Other items that require thought and planning in a powder room should be lighting, flooring, mirrors and ventilation.

By carefully considering all these factors, your powder room renovation will be sure to be a fabulous addition to your home.