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Pools & Spas

January 30, 2014
Pools & Spas

Adding a pool or spa to your outdoor living space is incredibly attractive.

However, planning, building and most of all maintaining a pool or spa is not something that should be ventured into without serious thought and consideration.

The addition, of particularly a pool, to your home can be major undertaking.

Not only will the addition of a pool or spa dramatically alter your outdoor living space, it will have a big impact on your lifestyle as well.

When considering building a pool or spa, factoring in the below key considerations may assist you.

  • Be clear on why you want a pool or spa, as it can be a major investment.

  • Be realistic about the size of the pool or spa you’re wanting and make sure this matches your needs.

  • Consider the impact installing a pool or spa can have on the reminder of your outdoor living space and evaluate if this is suitable.

  • Like all renovations, be clear on your pool or spa budget and always allow for some excess funding in case any unforeseeable things present themselves.

  • Maintenance of pools and spas can not only be time consuming, but costly. Be sure to factor this into your budget.

  • Your pool or spa will need safety fences. Be sure to adhere to the Australian Standard code on safety barriers as safety needs to be one of your key considerations when installing a pool or spa.

  • Be realistic about the timeframe it takes to build and install your pool or spa as this renovation will be very much reliant upon satisfactory weather conditions.

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