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Plantation Shutters

January 30, 2014
Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are an investment piece. An elegant, practical and timeless design, plantation shutters will never go out of style.

They capture the essence of that warm, sunny, tropical holiday; a feeling which can be brought into your home.

Brought to the USA by the Spanish, plantation homes in the country’s south used shutters to help them keep the house cool during the long hot summer with their ability to shade, let in light and also let in the breeze.

Their versatility, beauty and ability to be custom made to suit any size window make them a firm favourite for a window covering.

Here are the key things you need to know about plantation shutters:


The louver is the official name for the slat used on the plantation shutters.

Available in a range of widths from skinny louvers to extra-large, each size has different benefits.

Skinnier louvers allow for more privacy when kept open whilst larger louvers allow for a greater view.


Plantation shutters can be made to suit a variety of applications.

If you are pressed for wall space, a bi-fold plantation shutter would be the ideal option for you.

If you intend on having your plantation shutter as a wall feature as well as a blind, a shutter that opens from the centre that is also hinged will sit flush against the wall and will be the perfect option.

A sliding plantation shutter is a beautiful option if you’d always like them to be on show.

A divider rail in the centre of a shutter will allow for easy control over the natural light being let in.


Plantation shutters can be produced in different materials.

The most common being:

  • Wood - by far the most popular and enduring material. Mostly made from basswood or cedar, wood plantation shutters can be painted or stained to suit any interior décor.

  • Imitation Timber - synthetic, these are a great option if you still want to have the beautiful look of plantation shutters in your bathroom, or an area that is prone to receive a lot of moisture.

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