Pickawall - Removable Wallpaper

January 30, 2014
Pickawall - Removable Wallpaper

Pickawall was launched in late 2012 and has grown to be an iconic brand which has been featured on some of Australia’s favourite renovating reality television shows and in various magazines.

Pickawall pride themselves on creating easy to install, removable custom wallpaper suitable for any room in your home.

Pickawall uses the latest technology and techniques to create high quality and environmentally friendly products, and is the reason they are regarded as removable wallpaper specialists.

Library content is supplied and powered by the world’s biggest photo libraries, giving you instant access to more than 60 million images.

You can also customise your wallpaper by simply uploading your own photo or design.

So what are you waiting for, Pickawall!

Some of the thousands and thousands of Pickawall category images are:


Are your kids animal lovers? Light up their room with some amazing imagery from Pickawall’s selection of wallpapers featuring members of the animal kingdom.

Wildlife wallpaper


Get your kid’s creative juices flowing with these stunning art inspired wallpapers from Pickawall. Whether it be music, painting or photography, your children will love these select prints.

Art Wallpaper

City Scapes

Love your city? Dream of living in Paris or New York? Bring your favourite city vista into your home with Pickawall’s selection of city skylines removable wallpapers.

City scapes wallpaper

Stones & Stacked Stone

Love the look of stacked stone, weather boards or even exposed brickwork, but not keen on building one?

Well, Pickawall close up wallpapers are the perfect solution! Get that look you’re after with Pickawall’s selection of close-up finishes.

Stacked Stone Wallpaper


Feeling nostalgic about an amazing holiday or just want to pretend you’re somewhere you’d rather be?

Pickawall’s selection of wallpapers featuring iconic destinations from around the world is the perfect solution.

Destination Wallpaper

Flags & Maps

Feeling patriotic? Love staring at the world map figuring out where you want to go next?

Pickawall has a great range of wallpapers featuring flags and maps which would satisfy even the most hardened traveller.

Let your wall inspire your next trip with Pickawall!

Maps Category Wallpaper

Flora & Fauna

Wake up and escape to the stunning view ceder forest or a tranquil woodland with Pickawalls collection of Flora & Fauna wallpapers.

This calming imagery is perfect for giving your room a fresh new look.

Flora Wallpaper

Images of Yesteryear

Give your room a unique look with some stunning images of yesteryear by Pickawall.

These wallpapers will have you imagining yourself escaping to a yesteryear!

Yesteryear image wallpaper


Your kids will love you when you cover their walls in fun wallpapers of exciting cartoon characters and much loved nursery rhymes.

Transform your children’s room into a virtual playground and let your kids imagination run wild with kid’s wallpapers by Pickawall.

Kids Wallpaper


Pickawall’s selection of stunning landscape wallpapers are an easy way to transform any room from into something unique and beautiful.

Choose from Pickawall’s variety of landscape images and light up your wall.

Landscape Wallpaper


Achieve the look of genuine wallpaper or even tiles, brickwork or stacked stone with Pickawall’s selection of wallpapers.

Give your home or office a unique look with this fantastic selection of patterned wallpapers.

Pattern Wallpaper


Bring the thrill and excitement of sport into your home and office with Pickawalls great selection of sport inspired wallpapers.

Sport Wallpaper

Street Art

Love graffiti and street art? Give your home or office some urban edginess with these stunning street art wallpapers from Pickawall.

Street Art Wallpaper

Black & White

Black & white photos are simple and elegant.

These stunning wallpapers from Pickawall are a great way to transfer this style and elegance from the camera to your home or office. or, what about classic black and white stripes?

Can't go wrong with such and elegant and timeless look.

black white wallpaper


Is blue your favourite colour? Choose from Pickawall’s selection of blue inspired wallpapers, which are enough to satisfy anyone’s blue cravings!

Blue Ocean Wallpaper


Is green your favourite colour? Choose from Pickawall’s selection of green inspired wallpapers.

Green Leaves Wallpaper

Multi Coloured

You can never have too much colour in your life! Splash some rainbow colours on the walls of your home with these colourful wallpaper choices from Pickawall.

Multicolour Wallpaper

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