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Introducing Alia Tapware Collection by Phoenix 

August 25, 2017
Introducing Alia Tapware Collection by Phoenix

The Importance of Relaxation

The bathroom is our sanctuary, it’s the one place we can retreat to for peace and respite without interruption.

Time spent in the bathroom allows us to refocus, to rest our minds and soothe our soul. More than any other room in the home, the bathroom encourages a relaxed state of mind and helps to shift our focus so that we can reflect.

Just a few minutes away from the everyday distractions can lead to creative insights or great ideas. The act of bathing or showering in an enjoyable environment allows the mind to wander to an unconscious part of the brain that connects to creative thoughts and ideas - away from the focus of problem solving.

Great Bathroom Design

One company that truly value and understand the importance of promoting relaxation in the bathroom is Phoenix. They recognise that a well-designed, functional and beautiful bathroom helps to clear the mind, relieve stress and promote mental clarity. As such, Phoenix invest a lot into the design and technology behind their products and have just launched their third award winning tapware collection this year.

Phoenix have created a superbly crafted, yet minimal-fuss tapware collection that takes tapware design down to its fundamental elements of simplicity and minimalism. Free of any busy design details or distracting embellishments, their new Alia tap creates a clean, streamlined bathroom aesthetic that can help to encourage health and well-being.

Introducing the Award Winning Alia Tapware Collection

The Alia design encompasses a paired back profile with a minimal aesthetic that is sleek and refined. Proving that less is more, Alia recently won the international Red Dot Design award - one of the world’s most prestigious awards for design excellence.

Alia’s unique architectural design is characterised by a strong flat surface and robust right angles that can integrate seamlessly into any modern or contemporary bathroom. A key design characteristic setting Alia apart from any other tap in the market is the wall mixer design. Both Alia's shower mixer and wall top assemblies encompass a square profile that offers versatility and an unexpected element of surprise. Alia can be fitted in either a square shaped or diamond shaped position allowing it to sit harmoniously with the directional layout of the bathroom tiles.

“The simplicity of the design allowed for the shape itself to be the main feature, turning on an angle to form a diamond for instance, or tessellating with square tiles to create a more immersive look."
Ban Liu | Senior Product Designer, Phoenix Tapware.


The Alia Collection

The range includes a Double Wall Top Assembly for Basin, Single Wall Top Assembly for Shower and Basin and Bath Outlet, and works back with their Lexi Square Shower Rose in Chrome or Brushed Nickel, or with their Vivid Shower Rose in Brushed Gold. Another fantastic aspect of the Phoenix ranges are that all of their bathroom accessories are available in matching finishes.

"Available in chrome, brushed nickel and brushed gold, the square form of Alia was also ideal for showcasing the texture of the finishes, revealing their quality and beauty on a large flat surface. Alia is, in essence, a salute to the square.”
Ban Liu | Senior Product Designer, Phoenix Tapware


Innovation & Technology

Unlike its style, the innovation that lies within Alia technology is far from simplistic. The shower wall mixer contains a unique, top quality, German made Progressive Cartridge. This feature allows the user to control the water flow and temperature simply and easily with an energy saving two click operating system.

When turned in a clockwise direction, the first click indicates that the hot will begin to mix with full pressure cold. This in itself is a great safety feature that prevents possible scalding. The second click signals when the water has an equal hot/cold mix.

Why Choose Phoenix?

After 28 years in the industry, Phoenix are a well-established, highly recognised brand that continue to be at the forefront of design innovation and technology. They strive for nothing short of excellence in terms of product quality and longevity and as such have built a reputation that precedes them.

Phoenix also offer a substantial warranty program which is just another testament to their superior products and customer service.


What the Experts Say

Alia has been so well received by Architects and Interior Designers that we spoke to two top architectural firms; Adele Bates Studio and DKO Architecture to find out what they most love about the Alia tapware design.

"There is a really beautiful simplicity to the Alia range that belies the highly technical and engineered nature of Phoenix tapware. The design of the geometric forms are very well resolved, giving the range an effortless finesse. The subtle rounded corners balance the linear and rectangular forms, adding human scale and visual comfort. The design feels neither too geometric or organic, giving it a flexibility that works in many bathroom styles".

"The elegant sense of proportion speaks to me the most. The proportions of the extrusion, soft corners and slim back plates work harmoniously together well. It allows the tap-ware to sit really comfortably in a bathroom setting, allowing it to complement other elements such as basins and joinery with ease".

"The Alia range has the flexibility to work in many environments as It possesses a sense of understated luxury that can be played up with the brushed gold finish".
Adele Bates | Director of Adele Bates Interior Design Studio


"Often square tapware can be quite jarring, however the soft curves of the Alia edges give this somewhat masculine design a delicate aesthetic that is almost asking to be touched".

"Separate hot and cold taps are a favourite of ours and the spout in the Alia range is fine, yet solid and timeless in its design. The Alia range would be perfect in a minimalist high end residence and equally a beautiful feature in a powder room".
Michael Drescher | Director of Interior Design – DKO Architecture, Melbourne

Where to buy Alia Tapware

You can buy Phoneix product collections from the retailers below or shop the full Alia collection here.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to start building your wish list of products, then be sure to check out our Bathroom products range.

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