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Phoenix Launch NX Iko and Orli 

October 01, 2019
 Phoenix Launch NX Iko and Orli

Forerunners in the realm of bathrooms and kitchens, Aussie company Phoenix have developed the next gen of showerheads designed to create luxurious showers. Using cutting edge HydroSense® technology, the Iko and Orli ranges deliver unbeatable shower patterns reminiscent of cascading showers.

Emulating shapes in nature, HydroSense® reimagines and reconstructs the traditional water droplet. By focusing on altering the internal structure of the water, Phoenix have achieved a shower spray which accelerates water flow by ten and improves performance in pesky low-pressure environments, all while ensuring the shower promotes ultimate relaxation.

As the first Australian company to develop this innovative shower spray system, Phoenix offers lifetime warranty on their expertly engineered NX Showers.


NX IKO: Magnificent Minimalism

Striving to remove superfluous detail, the Iko range focuses on clean lines and elegant design. With rounded profile shower design and concealed hose connectors and wall fittings, Iko allows for the understated beauty of a well-fitted bathroom to shine. The Iko range does not stand alone as its unassuming presence pairs effortlessly with Toi, Nara and Vivid Slimline to create wonderfully bespoke bathrooms.


NX ORLI: Stunning Sophistication

Orli brings to life a unique rail design with its square shower design. The 50mm rail seemingly floats against the wall and when paired with the innovative handpiece, a vision of streamlined showering is created. The rectangular shape created by the shower head and two-part hand piece elevate the shower to a level of sophistication.

When mixed and matched with Phoenix's other signature ranges such as the Teel, Alia or Gloss Collections, Orli instantly uplifts the overall bathroom design.

NX Iko and Orli range includes:

  • Twin Shower
  • Rail Shower
  • Hand Shower
  • Shower Arm & Rose
  • Shower Rose

All shower products are available in two elegant finishes - Chrome and Matte Black.


With a focus on minimalist design and ground-breaking HydroSense® technology, NX Iko and Orli are sure to rejuvenate the bathroom design and promote the luxury of soothing showers.