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Palm Springs Style Sweeps Across Australia

September 30, 2015
Palm Springs Style Sweeps Across Australia

The only way to describe the PALM SPRINGS style is with two very apt words: FREAKING AWESOME. This iconic design style has everything!

It's chic, it's sleek, it's colourful, yet, it still retains a certain relaxed, casual, feel. Think glamour infused poolside parties, framed by all white architecture that's injected with bold pops of colour and highlighted by splashes of gorgeous botanicals such as cacti, desert palms and birds of paradise. It's bliss and it's coming to Australia.

Palm Springs style is built from clean crisp lines, vivid bursts of bright colour and a charming cohesion of indoor and outdoor spaces influenced by a discord colour palette of blues and greens that would be otherwise foreign in the deserts of California. Together, these elements are the hallmark of this modern desert oasis style.

Influenced from Hollywood Regency trends dating all the way back to the 1930’s, when celebrities from Hollywood would flock to this romantic destination to escape winter’s harsh reality. Luminaries such as Frank Sinatra, Marlene Dietrich, Cary Grant, Loretta Young and Marilyn Monroe would enjoy the endless summers available in the Californian desert. These days VIP’s such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad and Angelina and Orlando Bloom are setting up shop in this oasis.

A mecca for mid-century architecture, minimalist design infused with colour and pizazz. Palm Springs has a cool allure that is perfect for any Australian setting. It’s easy to add a little Modern Desert style charisma to any home with our top furniture and decor picks below.

Palm Springs Style Artwork

Palm Springs Style

Choose furnishings with organic forms and textures, and draw influence from mid-century Palm Spring designers and architects such as Albert Frey and Donald Wexlar.

Palm Springs Style 4

Palm Springs Style Cushions

rsz 1palms springs decor interior design bedroom

Interweave vintage and current furnishings – you want to create a fluid story, one that blends retro-chic with cutting edge design.

Palm Springs Style 5

Palm Springs Style Furniture

rsz palms springs decor interior design outdoor dining area

Palm Springs Style Decor Accents

Palm Springs Style Outdoor Furniture

Palm Springs Style Outdoor Furniture

With a fresh colour palette, blended with a wonderful collection of objects, this style will bring light and a understated sense of luxury to any space - just in time for Summer!

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