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Luxurious Bathroom Wall Design by Antica Signoria

February 23, 2015
Luxurious Bathroom Wall Design by Antica Signoria

After all the dramas of bathroom week for Josh & Charlotte, did you see their finished bathroom? What we want to know is what was the finish on the walls? And did you love the effect? We loved their stylish spin on rustic industrial - very restrained choice of fittings, the dark metallic finish gave them strength. The warm lighting made the space feel really inviting, but what we really loved was the finish on the walls.

23Feb15 BathroomReveal article2

Was it a paint? Was it a render? We tracked down Dan the Render Man who did the work for them to get the inside story.

“Josh and Charlotte knew they wanted to keep a really pared back & strong theme in the room, but they also didn’t want it to feel cold or bare. We found this product that is new to the market, and used that to finish the walls. It gives a texture that adds a real patina and character to the room that you don’t get with your standard paint. The product is called Elite Marmorino, from a company called Antica Signoria, and its pretty much unique to the market. It’s a fantastic product to work with as well as giving just an amazing finish. The Elite Marmorino product is applied in a series of 4 or 5 coats – two primer coats, two coats of Elite Marmorino and a wax coat to finish. The end result is this beautiful polished lime finish. We were really happy with it, Josh and Charlotte loved it and so did the judges!”.

23Feb15 BathroomReveal article1

Antica Signoria is a range of high end decorative wall finishes. Unlike standard paints that would be used in the entire house, Antica Signoria’s range is more suited to feature walls or showcasing a space. Although there are products subtle enough to be used throughout the house.

The product selection is broad – ranging from Chic Metal which is a paint like product, through to Stucco and marble finishes which are trowel applied. Getting the application right can be critical so the Anitca Signoria range is divided into DIY products, and product that needs to be applied by one of their certified applicators.

While there are other special effects, and textured paints on the market, as Dan the Render Man pointed out, these are particularly impressive products, both easy to work with and giving a great finish. The product itself is Italian made, and of course meets European Quality standards, they are water based for easy clean up, and all of the products are low VO2, so no smelly fumes if you want to do some painting in room you are using. Another plus is that the product has a class 1 washability rating - ideal if you want to use these beautiful finishes in high use and high traffic areas like hallways.

If you are feeling inspired, like we are, to channel some Italian style into your home, here’s a quick tour of the finishes on offer in the Antico Signoria range.

Chic Metal

These gorgeous lustrous metal colours come in a choice of gold, silver, bronze, copper & purple bases that can then be tinted. A DIY product they are perfect for re-inventing a space.

Elite Travertino

This product is just amazing. It’s a combination of natural marble powder and lime that ends up looking like a slab of real marble when its finished. Obviously at a fraction of the cost, no grout lines, and without the added weight of a full marble wall.

Elite Grassello & Elite Marmorino

Love the look of a stucco wall with pitting and trowel lines? Or do you have an old home with hard plaster walls that will never be perfectly flat? The Elite Marmorino range has less trowel detailing, while the Elite Grassello shows more of the trowel pattern. Here’s our favourite colours from the range but there are literally hundreds to choose from.

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