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Paco Jaanson

February 12, 2015
Paco Jaanson

When it comes to discussing world trends in bathroom style and design, Paco Jaanson is never far from the conversation. Paco Jaanson's bathroom product designs are synonymous with new era, unique creations. Paco Jaanson is all about improving the experience in your bathroom by focusing on functionality without compromising on style. Paco Jaanson create and produce several bathroom products such as bathroom taps or bathroom faucets, bathroom accessories, toilets and baths just to name a few. An interesting fact regarding Paco Jaanson is that they were the first to introduce the bath filler to the Australian market. Paco Jaanson's motto is "that one perfect fitting can transform the ordinary into a private sanctuary that creates a palace for physical and emotional well being".

Shop Now: Paco Jaanson Bathroom Taps and Tapware

Paco Jaanson are renown for their beautiful tapware and they have a bathroom tap solution for all bathroom styles and designs. The common element of Paco Jaanson designed taps and tapware is the striking line work. Be it bold and angular, or curvaceous and organic, they make for a stunning focal point to any bathroom.

Paco Jaanson Bathroom Mixer Taps

Paco Jaanson's Bathroom Mixer Taps come in a variety of styles and designs. From basin mixer taps (both high and standard), shower mixer taps and bath mixer taps. The bathroom mixer taps come in wall mounted and basin mounted styles and as such, you'd be hard pressed not to find the perfect bathroom mixer tap for your master bathroom, ensuite or powder room.

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Paco Jaanson Bathroom Tapware Sets

If your looking for a bathroom tapware set, then you'd be hard pressed not to be able to find the perfect solution from Paco Jaanson. Basin, bath or wall mounted - their range of bathroom tapware sets are beautiful. Think long, elegant spouts or compact, refined tapware sets - whatever your style, they have wonderful options.

Paco Jaanson Bath Spouts

Are you after a bath spouts with a wide, waterfall like projection or something more streamlined and subtle? Paco Jaanson range of bath spouts come in a variety of styles but what they all have in common is wonderful design and functionality.

Paco Jaanson Bath Fillers

Paco Jaanson's bath fillers are needed to be seen to be believed! They really are a striking focal point for a bathroom that exudes sophistication and style. With the Paco Jaanson bath fillers, there are also styles that include functional hand showers on hoses.

"Bathrooms are very stimulating subject that has stopped simply serving one purpose: now its where you take care of both your body and soul" states Paco Jaanson. And, after looking at Paco Jaanson's taps and tapware, its clear they live and breath this with their tap and tapware design.

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