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8 Reasons To Buy An Outdoor Shower

October 06, 2017
8 Reasons To Buy An Outdoor Shower

With the temperature increasing, an outdoor shower is a refreshingly easy way to cool off during these warmer months.

An outdoor shower will not only turn your everyday routine on its head in a special and enjoyable way, it will also provide several other advantages you may not have considered.

Many of us believe that outdoor showers belong in beach houses, coastal resorts or next to the pool. While that may be true in many cases, we've discovered eight reasons which proves that you don't need to live on the coast or have a pool to own and enjoy an outdoor shower.

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1. Resort Style Living At Home

If you are wanting to feel more relaxed at home and escape the city a little while longer after your holiday break, an outdoor gives you the essence of the beach in your very own suburban back yard. It won't take long after your first shower before you’ll notice the difference, particularly if you have hot water running through too.

The best thing about an outdoor shower installed at your home is that it's accessible all year round, so that serene and calming feeling will linger the whole year round.

2. Outdoor Showers Help Keep Your Home Clean

An outdoor shower is perfect for those with children who love playing in the garden. It's part of children's nature to explore and rummage through our gardens covering themselves in dirt as they explore and play. With an outdoor shower you will be able to say goodbye to stray mud, dirt and leaves entering into your house.

The outdoor shower is an elegant device that will let your little cherubs rinse off before coming inside and keep your house pristine and even cut down the household cleaning time down.

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3. Your Own Pet Cleaning & Grooming Station

For those of us with pets that spend a majority of time outdoors, cleaning can sometimes be a nuisance. However with an installed outdoor shower, you will longer have to drag you pooch into the household bath or have your puppy shake water all over you lovely clean bathroom.

An outdoor shower provides the perfect spot for cleaning your pet without a harsh hose or any kind of lifting required. A quick rinse off under the warmer water from a hot water outdoor shower and you'll soon have a clean and fluffy pooch you can invite inside without the stress of it rubbing dirt into your clean carpets.

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4. Prepare Your Home For Summer Guests

An outdoor shower is foolproof for those who are prone to multiple loads of guest during summer or all year round. Outdoor showers are excellent for providing a shower to those in need if all other bathrooms are occupied at once.

Remember if this is one of your reasons for installing an outdoor shower, keep in mind that your guest will probably prefer an enclosed or secluded shower for privacy. Solar outdoor showers are also perfect for house guest uses, as most would appreciate a hot shower with a serene view of the garden.

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5. What Every Pool Needs

Outdoor pool showers are great for creating a luxury pool experience. Nothing says luxe like having an outdoor shower installed next to or near your pool or spa. You and your guests will never walk inside smelling like chlorine again!

6. Increase Your Health and Save!

Outdoor showers are ideal for those who love their daily run or who are training for marathons. Say goodbye to your expensive gym membership, an outdoor shower provides you with all the luxury of gym change room without having to share with random members.

You wont have to haul all your bathroom products to the gym, now you can have a secure place to rinse off with all your favourite beauty products at arms reach.

7. Improve Your Property's Appeal

An outdoor pool shower or solar powered outdoor shower are usually seen as a luxury addition to any property. Real estate agents are often searching for that unique selling point an outdoor shower may just be the ticket to entice a potential buyer.

The addition of an outdoor shower may not increase the value of your property however, there's no denying it will increase the charm and appeal of your property!

8. How To Reconnect With Nature

If you love your lush garden then you will certainly spend more time admiring it with an addition of an outdoor shower. An outdoor shower provides you with an ideal way of bringing the idea of the outdoors inside.

Whether as part of an extension on your bathroom, or situated in your backyard, an outdoor shower will help you reconnect you with nature.

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Don't be deterred by the ideas of owning and installing outdoor shower kits if your live in the cooler states. After a couple of uses, and experiencing the evidence first hand, you'll soon be advocating to your friends and family just like us.

Feeling inspired? Shop Outdoor Showers.

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