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Outdoor Shading Solutions

October 26, 2017
Outdoor Shading Solutions

The great Australian Summer – some of us lust after it during the cooler months, others dread the thought of it.

No matter how we feel about the heat of an Aussie Summer, there is one thing that isn’t in debate and that’s our love of the great outdoors and our passion for outdoor entertaining.

The great news is there are a few ways to escape the harsh weather and protect our outdoor living spaces by way of sun, rain & wind protection. There are a number of outdoor shading solutions that can be retrofitted or introduced to an outdoor area that are not only offer privacy and protection but can also help to reduce the heat load and cooling costs of your home during the summer. The result is more comfort during the day and quicker cooling at night.

Just as it's important for us to 'Slip, Slop, Slap' before venturing out into the summer sun, so is protecting your patio furniture.

Our guide below takes a look at four of the top outdoor shading systems for your home.

Outdoor Shading Solutions 2

Outdoor Awnings

Auto Guide Awnings

Auto Guide Awnings which are also known as lock arm awnings, are one of the most popular outdoor blind systems. This system allows the blind to be raised and lowered to any position by sliding the arms on the guide rods. This flexibility allows you to better control the amount of light entering through a window.

One of the main strengths of an Auto Guide Awning is that it does not project far from the wall, so if a path or driveway is close to the window, the awning will not obstruct access. Also, as an awning can cover an entire window, it is suitable for facing any direction for sun protection.

Awnings come in an extensive range of highly durable fabrics. When buying an awning check that the fabrics and construction materials are manufactured to suit Australian conditions. If they are, the awning will look great for many years and can increase the value of your home.

Fixed Awnings and canopies

Fixed awnings are perfect for patios where protection from rain and sun is essential. A fixed awning can be can be mounted over the windows or doorways of a home and custom made to any size. The designs can be a standard shape or totally unique to blend with any type of architectural design.

Outdoor Louvre Systems

A louvered system can be fitted to a pergola to create a fully flexible outdoor living & entertaining area. Each system can be custom designed and built to your specific requirements, so the size, orientation and optional inclusions will work perfectly in any environment.

Made of aluminium, the louvres are designed with flexibility in mind to create just the kind of space you need to enjoy the day; during hot, bright sun, the louvres can be completely closed to create a fully shaded spot. Alternatively, if you want some light and warmth but not full sun, the louvres can be simply tilted. And should it suddenly start to rain? Easy fix - hit the remote control to close the roof fully.

Plus, if you wish to close in your pergola, fully retractable side panels can be added to enclose the space that can be made of glass, wood or screening options depending on what you want to achieve.

Outdoor Retractable Screens

While common shade products provide shade overhead, there are also side screens that offer privacy and protection from the angled morning or evening sun. Perfect for terraces and balconies, the fabric can be simply from its retractable cassette and hooked onto the floor-mounted post.

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Outdoor Umbrellas and Cantilever Umbrellas

Umbrellas are a great ‘quick fix’ while also bringing a sculptural element to a patio with they’re clean modern appearance. They are easily operated via the thick pulley cord and by positing the pin in the desired position.

There is a smorgasbord of fabric colours and finishes to choose from, making an umbrella a great way to inject some colour too.

Before purchasing an umbrella, look for options that have a canopy made from ‘marine grade’ quality fabric or acrylic and constructed from premium hardwood frames and finished with Zinc coated hardware fittings and a solid hardwearing base such as concrete to ensure longevity.

Below is a selection of excellent outdoor shading options that will adapt naturally to your outdoor living space, while looking great and protecting you and your furniture from the elements.

Outdoor Shading Solutions

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