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Planning Your Outdoor Living Area

November 22, 2017
Planning Your Outdoor Living Area

Turning a back garden, balcony, porch or other outdoor area of your home into a functional outdoor living space can be a satisfying undertaking.

Following, are some factors to consider when you’re renovating your outdoor living space. We take you through steps on how to introduce colour, experiment with styles and embrace nature help create dream outdoor living space.

Create Your Dream Outdoor Living Space

Start with making a list. Write down ideally what you want to achieve for your outdoor living space.

Do you want to create a beautiful retreat where you can disappear for the afternoon and enjoy being in nature with no distractions?

Perhaps you have a young family and you want to create a shared play and adult entertaining zone?

Whatever your dream outdoor living space, be sure to be clear on what you’re wanting to achieve as this will help navigate your choices and set you in the right direction to creating that ideal outdoor living space.


Don't Be afraid To Use Colour

Be it in furniture selection, garden plants, garden pots, structures, a feature wall or paving, don’t be afraid to experiment with colour.

Be aware that colour will change constantly throughout the day given the changes in light so be sure to consider this when selecting your items.

Furthermore, select finishes and items that are UV protected as you don’t want your colour fading over time.


Embrace Nature

Think about your outdoor surrounds and how, if possible, you can enhance the natural beauty of the outdoor living space without having to simply bulldoze the block.

Some fabulous examples of this is when home owners have incorporated decking around beautiful existing trees, created natural ponds or waterways or have planted vegetable gardens around surviving old citrus or fruit trees.


Experiment With Style

When it comes to selecting items for your outdoor living space, especially furniture and exterior window coverings don’t be afraid to mix styles, textures and finishes.

For example, an reclaimed timber sleeper bench seating coupled with a modern glass table can look fantastic.

Beautiful café style awnings with eclectic chairs and colourful or patterned cushions can make for a fabulous ambiance.

Mostly, have fun with your outdoor living space and incorporate elements that reflect your style.

Whatever your renovation budget, creating your perfect outdoor living space can be achieved.

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