Outdoor Lighting To Enhance Your Outdoor Space

January 30, 2014
Outdoor Lighting To Enhance Your Outdoor Space

The Australian lifestyle has moved from Indoor living to outdoor living.

To complement this move, outdoor lighting now plays an extremely important part in enjoying your outdoor living space.

From lighting your pathways to lighting your pool, add the finishing touches to your outdoor space with a range of beautiful outdoor lights.

Bollard Lights

A Bollard was initially a short post used to moor ships. Today it is more commonly known as an outdoor light. Perfect for lighting pathways, driveways and steps, these taller ground-mounted lights are an ideal addition in your new garden.

Bunker Lights

Bunker lighting is another great outdoor lighting option. Wall mounted, these are ideal for lighting general areas as well as pools, patios and outdoor living spaces. Bunker lights are a sturdy lighting option designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Deck Lights & Inground Lights

Deck and Inground lights are a fantastic outdoor feature lighting option. Deck and Inground lights, available in square, rectangular or circular shapes, can be used to create a beautiful edging feature for your deck, to illuminate a pathway and to feature a tree or fountain in the garden.

Underwater Lights

Underwater lighting is a beautiful way to illuminate a pool, fountain or pond. Most underwater lighting products are LED technology making them available in a range of colours and long lasting.

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