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Our three favourite tile trends

September 27, 2016
Our three favourite tile trends

OK – so I need to be clear that we are not currently renovating our kitchen or even a bathroom, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t spend time thinking about the tiles I’d choose if we were.

And you know what, it would be really difficult to choose between the three key tile trends I’m loving at the moment – the coolness of concrete, the timeless elegance of marble or the exuberance of colourful cement tiles.

So if you’re currently in the process of choosing tiles for anywhere in the house, or looking for ideas for your bathroom or kitchen reno, here’s my inspiration, my current favourite tile trends, as well as some tapware which would go just perfectly. Enjoy.

Concrete Tiles for the Bathroom & Kitchen

There is something about the honesty of concrete that I really like. It’s such a utilitarian material when it’s used in construction, but over the last few years it’s been used increasingly as an integral part of décor. There’s something very cool about concrete.

Whether you choose to use concrete as a wall or floor finish or even a bench top, the grey tones act as a great base colour in a space. Poured or polished, concrete has interesting texture & idiosyncrasies, but you can also bring a similar texture and look into your space by using large format tiles. If you are going with the strength of concrete in your space, maybe consider being a little brave with your tap choice – a coloured tap could make both an interesting focal point & a talking point.

AMB 01 Kronos Sete  Talco  60x120 rhombus structure wall Prima Materia Cemento  rectify 60x60 floor  smooth rectify 60x120 wall1

Coloured Sink Taps

Marvellous Marble Tiles

Marble is one of nature’s marvels. Each piece is uniquely patterned, making marble both timeless and right on trend. There are so many ways you can now incorporate marble into your space – benchtops, mosaic patterned tiles, large format panels or even just accessories.

To create a fresh contemporary look using marble, we recommend pairing it with black tapware. To add warmth to the space, try some brass and timber accents. Check out our article here on using marble in your bathroom reno.

fullpage Black and Marble Bathrooms  2

Exuberant Colour & Pattern

If you are someone who isn’t afraid of colour or pattern, or both, then this last trend might be the one for you. I’ve always loved the patterned and coloured tiles on the floors and steps of heritage buildings; the explosion of colour & pattern in the Bonnie & Neil showroom is amazing, which is probably why I got so excited when I first saw the range of cement tiles from Popham Design. These handmade tiles celebrate colour & pattern. Check out their Instagram feed for some full colour inspo (

Italian tiles are some of the best in the world and if you are open to being brave with colour & pattern, there are so many awesome colour and pattern combinations to explore.

Tiles 2709

View more Popham tiles

Perfectly Paired with Tapware in Warm Metallics

Want more tile inspiration? Check out our tile range on House of Home.

Image Credits: The beautiful header image is from Bonnie & Neil, a Melbourne based textile design studio who combine colour & pattern beautifully.