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The Hot New Kid on The Block - Ortal Launches in Australia 

May 23, 2018
The Hot New Kid on The Block - Ortal Launches in Australia

Design-lead fireplaces to integrate into your next architecturally designed home - that don't compromise on safety

If you’re in the process of building, or upgrading the heating in your home, there’s a new brand of fireplace just released that you should consider adding to your wishlist.

Ortal is launching in Australia this season. But it’s already a well established player in other parts of the world, which explains how it’s able to launch in Australia with a range consisting of more than 80 gas fireplace models.

Ortal Fireplace | House of Home

A rich European history

Ortal started with a plan to build gas fireplaces for the European market. Founded nearly 30 years ago by Tal Gross and his father, Tal & his wife Ilina continue to run it today.

Their approach was to focus on the needs of architects and designers and to design a range of fireplaces that seamlessly complement the whole interior. In creating a wide variety of fireplace styles that suit just about every architectural challenge you could imagine, Ortal haven’t compromised on product quality or functionality.

So what does this look like? Very good actually!

Ortal Fireplace | House of Home

An architect's dream

In terms of looks, the Ortal range has clearly been designed to appeal to design professionals. The lines are clean, the units are refined. Then there’s their very wide range of models: From front facing units in landscape, portrait and square; traditional fireplace units; corner units; three sided units; the aptly named Space Creator; double sided tunnel fires and stand alone models there is quite literally a gas fire design for every requirement.

In addition to the different styles of fireplace, there is a wide range of sizes available – 75cm, 110cm, 130cm, 150cm, 170cm, 200cm, & 250cm. Plus with each available model you have the choice of two media – so your fire can either be finished with logs or stones in the base.

With so many combinations, it feels like saying there are 80 models in the range may be an understatement. One of the unique features of the Ortal range is that some of its models are modular, this gives architects and designers the freedom to combine multiple units to create a single large scale fireplace. This will open up lots of opportunities in the commercial space, and we're looking forward to seeing these models in swanky bars, pubs and hotels Australia-wide.

Ortal Fireplace | House of Home

Technical Superiority in fireplaces

Ortal’s innovation doesn’t stop with the aesthetic breadth of its range. The units are also technically superior. It goes without saying that a fireplace product designed for the European market will be efficient at heating homes. But the technical design features go way beyond heat output alone. The units are quiet. They’ve been designed with ease of installation in mind – they can be flued with horizontal, vertical or underfloor options; and you have the option of Direct Vent or adding a Power Flue Module.

The Ortal range is similar to other fully sealed units on the market, in that they vent all by-products directly outside, leaving the air indoors clean, without the need for additional ventilation. It’s this clean burning function that makes the suitable for use in any room of the home.

In addition, the Ortal fireplaces have features like a very fine mesh guard in front of the glass front to protect tiny hands from burns. This mesh guard is now compulsory under new rules and regulations issued by the Australian Gas Association. With Ortal, the mesh comes standard with all units, and is even designed to diffuse any reflection from the glass front so that you don’t lose any of that beautiful flame glow.

There’s also the choice of a double glass option – effectively a second piece of glass is mounted where the mesh would sit. Cool air is pumped between the two sheets, resulting in the front glass being warm to touch but not hot enough to cause a burn.

Ortal Fireplace | House of Home

Innovative features

And then there’s the feature that I really love – Cool Wall Technology. Ortal have really thought through how fireplaces are integrated into rooms. They have designed an install system that means the wall above the fireplace stays completely cool. Great news for anyone wanting to hang a TV or piece of art above their fireplace.

Plus there are all the little details – your choice of pebbles or logs, you can add an app to control wirelessly – simply connect your smartphone and heat up the house before you get home, Jetson style!

Ortal Fireplace | House of Home

Speaking with David Creamer, the new Ortal Distributor for Australia, it becomes pretty clear that Ortal have done a great job with aesthetic design, technical design and build quality. David has been selling Ortal in New Zealand for the past three years and his comment is,

"Once they’re installed you don’t need to go back because the product quality is just so good."

So whether you are a home owner or design professional, taking the time to peruse the new Ortal range may be time very well spent!


We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to find your perfect fireplace, then be sure to check out our range.

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