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Take a Siesta with Onada

September 09, 2016
Take a Siesta with Onada

The future of furniture is upon us! Imagine a chair that allows you to sit, read, relax or nap in three different positions while relieving stress and promoting circulatory health and well-being benefits.

Sounds like a dream right? Well no, we’ve discovered such a chair really does exist and it’s right here in Australia!

The Siesta chair by Onada is a shining example of one man's vision turned into reality. This super stylish and ergonomic recliner is the creation of Melbourne based architectural designer James O’Brien.

Conceived from a concept that was inspired by Mediterranean culture, ‘Onada’ means ‘wave’ in Catalan. Onada represents the roots of its own creation, whilst also emulating the journey and soul of a wave. Sounds like heaven? That’s because it is.

As well as being perfect for a nap, Onada’s siesta position raises the user’s feet above their heart, providing fantastic circulatory health and well-being benefits. It also aids optimal spinal posture, promoting disc recovery while relaxing supporting muscles and sinews, along with assisting the digestive system.

Adding to the dream like quality of this chair, Onada’s products are locally developed and hand-made, while the principles of sustainability are applied to all of their endeavours.

We were so impressed by this awe-inspiring chair we asked Onada’s co-owner James O’Brien if he could tell us more about this amazing health promoting product.

How did you get into the business?

Being an Architectural Designer/Project Manager by trade and having a keen eye for innovative products… I got into furniture as a result of one trip I had overseas (Mallorca/Balearic Islands), I got inspired to recreate the siesta on a recliner chair and bring this culture back to Australia. I love ergonomic furniture so joining the two concepts together was the start of my first product ‘Onada Siesta Chair’.

What can we expect when we come in store?

I have created a serious of products that all link together. Based off the core design of the Siesta chair. My products work well as either a feature piece and or setting. I can design custom fabric compositions and / or colour concepts (with both the fabric/Russian birch plywood finish) outside of my standard range.

Tell us about your favourite products at the moment?

I have a soft spot for my kneeling chair (ergonomic rocking chair)….I also have in development the folding version of my “Onada Siesta Chair”, this will be my master piece when completed (in the not too distant future).

What makes your furniture special?

My style of furniture is unique and cutting edge in its design and assemble. My design style is organic in nature and I have registered my primary designs under the Australian Intellectual Property Authority (IP Australia).

What’s your favourite question from a customer?

How did you come up with the siesta chair and what does ‘Onada’ mean?

Onada Siesta Chair 5

Onada Siesta Chair 2

What’s your favourite part of the work day?

Seeing satisfied customers enjoying my products/work within their own spaces.

Who would you love to serve in store?

Someone who thinks outside of the box with a beautiful space ready for a make-over and passion for ergonomic furniture with a twist.

What inspires you?

Delivering my passion of design to people’s door steps.

Are you regularly updating your own home with products from the store?

I have all my prototypes in my lounge… it’s great to test my designs over long periods of time and be confident that customers are getting a high quality and useful product.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I would like the beautiful people of Australia and abroad to know that my journey in both Architecture and Furniture is constantly evolving, and that the Onada Siesta Chair is something that was created from a very deep and personal experience. I hope to see more people embracing my work and enjoying what I believe is a series of unique and timeless creations. I want my pieces to become iconic in Australian design and last through the ages.

Want to learn more about Onada's amazing range? Contact them via the House of Home website.