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Office Furniture Now & Endo Commercial Furniture

August 12, 2014
Office Furniture Now & Endo Commercial Furniture

We’re big fans of Stuart Gilmour’s work – we’re surrounded by it Monday to Friday!

So what exactly is his work?

Well, Stuart had carved a successful career for himself in soft furnishings until he decided on a shift. A friend of his at the time was an Architect also running a business doing office fit-outs. Along with other clients, the friend had the contract to supply Ansett with their office work stations and furnishings Australia-wide. The friend was keen to return to Architecture and asked if Stuart might be interested in taking over the business.

Little did he know it at the time, but it was the beginning of Endo, a Melbourne-based specialist in contemporary, bespoke, premium commercial furniture.

Shown above is one of Endo's custom-fit desks

Having experienced Endo’s specialist services here at FurnitureExchange, we can vouch for just how premium an offer they deliver. We’re located in a warehouse office and the Endo team has done a sensational job of fitting out our space.

The Endo team comes to the rescue for commercial interiors that need that special edge – spaces that don’t want to be ho-hum standard office areas, and instead seek expert advice and products that are custom made, incredibly high quality, and sure to deliver the wow factor. We’ve got that here!

But Stuart realised there was still more that could be done in the world of commercial office furniture.

With Endo in full swing, Stuart soon realised that nobody was really providing a quality service for businesses on a budget. Sure – staff could seek out flat pack providers, but if you’re looking at a space of 50+ employees, who’s going to put their hand up to do all the assembling?

Enter Office Furniture Now.

The name alone says a lot – it is Stuart’s solution for commercial spaces that need furnishing fast. Offering quality, middle-of-the-market furniture delivered and fully installed (often within often a week of ordering), Office Furniture Now caters for the whole county (whilst Endo services Melbourne only). In fact, the team has warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, meaning customers don’t wait on lengthy transporting of goods, nor do they pay additional fees for freight.

Shown above is one of Endo's custom-fit desks

Moreover, Stuart and his team take away a lot of the thinking. Slightly overwhelmed by the job ahead? Not a worry – just hand over a plan of the office space and the Office Furniture Now team will respond with a full list of requirements and layout suggestions.

Whether you’re looking for an economical, smart solution to your office space needs, or you’re keen to create a dynamic and edgy environment that really captures your business culture, we suggest you contact Stuart and his team for a chat!

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