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Office Furniture for the Meeting Room

January 30, 2014
Office Furniture for the Meeting Room

Kitting out the meeting room

Although the name is self-explanatory, a meeting room actually does a lot more than bring people together to talk. Make sure your office meeting room has all the furniture you need to do business.

Meeting Room Table

What does the standard meeting look like in your workplace? Does it normally involve just a few people, or is it a cast of several? Even if you only have the occasional meeting of many minds, then a larger table will be more appropriate than a smaller one. Nobody thinks twice about meeting at the end portion of an otherwise empty table, but it certainly looks unprofessional to not have enough space for everyone when it’s a full room.

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Office Chairs

Although half and full day meetings can be frequently held, the chances are that most people will not find themselves in the same meeting room day in, day out. For this reason the chairs in meeting rooms can usually afford to take a few concessions not normally taken by work station chairs. For example, they might not be mobile and may have higher, more official looking backs. They may not always be adjustable but certainly they should be fairly comfortable for most body shapes to sit in over at least a couple of hours.

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IT specs

These days, most meeting rooms will come equipped to host teleconferences, video conferences, Skype conferences, AV presentations, etc. If this is the case then normally at least one telephone (with speaker features) will be positioned on the meeting room table and projection/ laptop accessories will also be present.

Office Lighting

You may need to show a presentation in your meeting room and therefore dim down the lights. Then again, you may have images and story boards that need close group inspection and therefore plenty of light. Ensuring your meeting room has the potential to cater for all lighting needs makes for an efficient and productive workspace.

Office Storage

From a practical perspective, a lot of meeting rooms may need cabinetry or shelving to file regularly used items. These can also double as an impressive showcase area to house, for example, business awards and accolades, certificates and items that are relevant to the business.

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Serving station

If the meeting room is used to hosting fairly lengthy sessions, then a service area of some sort won’t go astray. An area on which bottles of water, platters of sandwiches, napkins, crockery and cutlery can be discreetly stored is very handy indeed.


Does your meeting room need blinds for the occasional confidential meeting, or simply to keep the space as dark as possible when presenting AV content?

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A meeting room tends not to be the most frequently used space in an office, but certainly it can be one of the more important areas both for staff and external associates, so it’s important to get this room right. We hope we've helped this process!

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