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Cosy Outdoor Nordic Havens

August 06, 2015
Cosy Outdoor Nordic Havens

We are social creatures. It's our nature to hang out in groups and converse. However, during winter, it’s a different story. We hide indoors with our big bowls of soups, binging on Netflix rugged up on the couch with our throws and Uggs. No one likes to leave the house during winter; the cold, the wind, and the rain it’s all a little grey. Well never fear, Nü Nordic Havens are your answer to staying in touch with your fellow friends during the colder months.

Fresh from the coasts of Northern Europe comes a beautiful 2016 trend about embracing winter in all its glory. In its simplest form, Nü Nordic Havens are an outdoor space that brings all the comfort of your lounge, or living room, out into the cold brisk air.

Throw on chair with candle

Pure as the driven snow

A Nordic Haven is simple and clean, there’s a no fuss approach to being cosy outdoors. The Nord’s have an unpretentious approach to exterior design and Nordic Havens can be enclosed or covered but also open and exposed to the elements. The idea is to create a space that is an extension of your landscape; your home is one with its environment. When designing a Nü Nordic Haven you will want a space that is flexible, one that will allow you to move seamlessly from the interior of your house to the outside. Use flexible roofing solutions to shelter you and your guests from the elements, but keep the walls open to take advantage of the scenery. The idea is wipe your canvas clean and start fresh in a minimalist crisp way, which will make your Nordic inspired furnishings stand out.

Colour palette: Crisp white, on white, on natural browns. Rustic exteriors will also provide an epic alternative to bring chic furnishing out into the cold

Cosy Nordic Outdoor Living

Force of nature

Think alpine snow fields amongst the pine trees, the feminine crispness of the white balanced by masculine timber furnishings. Think bold, rough or raw textured furniture made from caramel and dark hued timber or cane that can withstand the elements. Nordic furniture is practical and consists of clean lines that cut through the grey and whites.

Our Tip: Statement chairs made from heavy raw timbers and cane outdoor lounge sets

Winter courtyards with throw

Snowed under

To combat the cold when we leave the house, we layer up with clothes. When creating a winter Nü Nordic al fresco haven, the same principle applies. Keep out the bone chilling winds by using chunky throws, thick wool blankets, cushions, pelts and pillows to cover your hands and knees, and keep you and your guests cosy. The more blankets the better, bring on the endless comfort.

Our Tip: Choose rich luxurious fabrics such as sheepskin, felts, velvety wools, animal hides and leather

Cosy Outdoor Chairs

To run hot and cold

No Nü Nordic haven is complete without the comfort of a crackling, burning fire to melt away the frosty winter chills. Outdoor fire pits, fire places and outdoor heaters are designed to be stylish and provide continuous heat in outdoor and undercover areas. Combine these with the use of lanterns and candles and you will create your very own toasty romantic alpine lodge experience. Just remember to keep a pile of logs at arm’s reach!

Our Tip: Choose sleek, modern wood burning fire places or pits and compliment this with the use of glass case lanterns and candles

Cosy paris outdoor space

We hope you're as inpired by the Nu Nordic Haven trend as we are! Don’t hibernate this winter, get cosy with your guests around the fire place and take advantage of the outdoor views. It’s time to tame the wild winter winds while entertaining your guests in your outdoor dining or lounge room; you might even surprise yourself this summer by wishing for winter to come sooner. If the Nord’s can do it, so can we.

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