6 New Year Resolutions For The Home

December 21, 2015
6 New Year Resolutions For The Home

The start of the New Year is the perfect time to turn your home improvements dreams into reality. It’s time to pack away last year’s Christmas decorations and have a good hard look around your home to work out what needs improving. With plenty of sunshine and daylight hours, summer is the perfect season to de-clutter, clean and transform your house into the home you've always dreamed of.

At House of Home we have prepared a list of the Top Six simple, affordable home improvement projects you should take on in 2016 to freshen up your home and style.

Our Easy Home Improvement Ideas

1) Update Your Lighting

Nothing transforms a space like a new addition or overhaul in lighting design. 2016 lighting trends focus on functionality and modernism combined with natural elements and a hint of glamour - We’re thinking recessed lights, spotlights, and statement floor and ceiling lights. Pendant lights also make for eye-catching statement pieces when used in the right way - simply hanging a pendant light off-centre in your kitchen or hallway is a chic and easy way to makeover the dynamic of your tired space, while updating your lighting.

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When updating your lighting design, consider natural light if possible. Installing a skylight in a stairway, bathroom or hallway is a quick and simple way to brighten up a space, while placing a mirror opposite a window can dramatically change the amount of light present in a room, immediately transforming it.

2) Ideas For Decorating Your Walls

If you spent last year staring at your blank walls trying to put them to good use, then now is the time to be proactive and make those changes you've been yearning for. By including your walls in your redesign, you can immediately transform a space - and the best part is, there are so many simple, effective solutions to achieving this! If you’re hard pressed for storage, installing some wall shelves can help alleviate clutter or display your prized possessions.

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Another excellent idea for updating blank walls is by creating a charming, gallery-style wall of art or personal photos. With a few frames and some imagination, you can create a collage of different art, inspirational text, prints or photos to transform any blank wall.

If hanging art isn’t your style, try removable wallpaper as an alternative. Today’s removable wallpaper comes in an endless array of patterns, styles and colours, and can even be custom printed. Bold patterns and textures can be purchased with a feature wall in mind, while more subtle styles can be used to update entire rooms. The best part is, because they are so simple to install and remove (without damaging the wall beneath), they are perfect for first time renovators.

3) Replace Your Mattress

Many of us this year will set ourselves a New Year’s resolution of bettering ourselves by being healthier. It's less often considered that our mattresses are just as important and beneficial to our health as diet and exercise. A great bed promotes better quality, restorative sleep, which allows your body to fully recover whilst you are sleeping. This means that you can wake up feeling refreshed and energetic rather than tired in the morning. There are so many excellent options on the market, perfect for any budget, so you’re bound to find something suitable.

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4) Easy Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Whilst a complete makeover of your entire kitchen may be desirable, a few simple tricks can help you update your kitchen using minimal effort and expense.

If you’re after a quick update, consider changing up your door and drawer handles with fabulous, on-trend ones. Or how about adding a stylish splashback? For more ambitious renovators, simply changing your dated 70’s counter tops for something more modern will definitely turn your kitchen from drab to fab.

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5) Update Your Living Room In One Go

How can you update your living room in one go, you ask? Well it’s as easy as finding a rug that is both fabulous and affordable. Rugs are an ideal solution for hiding any imperfections in carpeting or hard timber floors. These days you can find a rug to suit all looks and styles from Bohemian, traditional, tribal to sleek and modern. They come in all shapes and sizes, so whether you live in an apartment or country estate you will be able to find something attractive and welcoming for any space.

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6) How To De-clutter Your Home

Simply decluttering can be a huge step in rejuvenating up your home. Many people accumulate objects and items over their lifetime, only to question why they’ve held onto them for so many years. If this happens to you, now is the time to donate those items or clothes to the needy and start the year off with a clean, tidy home. For more special, necessary, or must-keep items, we suggest investing in storage at the beginning of each year. This will free your home from unnecessary clutter and allow you to move around your home freely and stress-free. Basket, trunks, cupboards and bookcases are all excellent investment pieces for organising your belongings, or even for hiding unsightly objects.

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If you 're eager to start off the New Year with a fresh home, then these projects are the ideal starting point! Taking on too many New Year’s resolutions at once can be overwhelming, so you might want to consider taking it one project at a time. However as long as you have fun and enjoy yourself, you'll soon have an inspiring and fresh home, leaving you free to spend the rest of the year relaxing and admiring your rejuvenated house!

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