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New Pet Parents - Essentials for 1st time Fur Baby Owners

November 08, 2017
 New Pet Parents - Essentials for 1st time Fur Baby Owners

So you have decided it’s time to adopt a fur baby. Congratulations!

Owning a pet for the first time is an amazing feeling and exciting time! However, with it comes a big commitment and a great deal of responsibility.

Along with all of the love, patience, attention and daily care that a pet requires, there will be some hefty initial costs to outlay, along with ongoing costs for the duration of your pet’s life.

Pet products, food, vaccinations, registration, vet visits, kennel fees (if you intend to take a holiday) are all financial constraints associated with owning a pet. Despite the costs however, most pet lovers all agree that it’s all absolutely worth it for the companionship and happiness that they bring!

Before you bring your new pup or kitten home it’s important to be ready and be fully equipped with everything you need to take care of them. So what are the essential supplies for first time dog and cat owners?

To find out we sought the advice of Andrew Lewis from D&C Lifestyle - a supplier of some amazing modern pet furniture that you will love. Here’s what he shared with us.

Tips for the New Dog Parent



Dog Food & Water Bowls

First up, you need to have adequate food and water bows…the water bowl should be placed near the food bowl especially if you serve dried food. Make sure the bowl you buy can hold the sufficient amount of food to feed your sized dog.

Dog Beds

Dogs are not as fussy as cats as they often sleep anywhere on the floor…however, it is good practice to have two beds in two different areas of your home so that they can have variety, always be close to you and be comfortable.

For more information on dog bedding see our Dog Bed Sizing Guide.

Dog Leads

You will need a good collar and leash which is compatible with the size and weight of your dog…they need plenty of walks….also make sure they have an ID tag…dogs have a tendency to wander.”

First Time Dog Owner Shopping List


Tips for the New Cat Parent



Cat Bedding

Cats are creatures of habit and if you do not give them their own personal space they will soon choose their own space within your household. Providing a bed which can be perched above the ground which is enclosed or has cushioned walls is preferable.

Cats do not like sleeping on the ground or in heavy traffic, windy areas. Therefore you need to find space for them to spend the most part of their days resting in a secure place.

For more information on cat beds see our Cat Bed Sizing Guide.

Litter Box

There are a few things that you should buy in preparation for your kitty. A good litter box (and litter) is essential. By training your cat to toilet themselves in a secure place you will rest assured that not only will you have a happy cat but also a clean home.

Scratching Lounge

Scratching lounges are also advantageous by preventing boredom, naturally sharpens their talons and prevents furniture from being scratched. The great thing about a corrugated cardboard scratcher & lounge is that they attract cats due to their scent of the outdoors i.e. cardboard comes from trees. So cats are naturally attracted to them.

Cats secrete oils from there talons which means that they will go back there time and time again as they have marked their territory. It is often worthwhile to have more than one scratching post for variation. Plus, they use these loungers to stretch out and nap on….warm in winter and cool in summer.

Cat Food & Water Bowls

Food and water bowls should be the correct size and placed next to each other. It is a good practice to have freshwater nearby especially if you use dried food.

Cats can also suffer from a condition called ‘Whisker Fatigue’. This can happen when the cats bowl is too narrow or too deep. This squashes their whiskers against the side of the bowl and can be stressful for them. A cats whiskers are very sensitive. This is because they act like an antenna which help them to protect themselves, find food and detect predators. For your cat’s comfort choose a bowl that is wide and shallow.

First Time Cat Owners Shopping List


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