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Introducing the Nara Collection by Phoenix 

April 27, 2017
Introducing the Nara Collection by Phoenix

Creating a Bathroom Sanctuary

The evolution of bathroom design has come a very long way in a relatively short space of time. From humble beginnings as a purely practical space dedicated to washing, today’s modern bathroom has become more like a personal sanctuary that we turn to for restoration and renewal.

So what is it about the bathroom that evokes a sense of peace and calm? It may not be obvious but the sound of running water plays a huge in part in soothing the brain and promoting feelings of happiness and well-being.

The Nara by Phoenix Tapware

When it comes to bringing that spa like quality to your bathroom, no sanctuary can be complete without the new Nara Tapware range by Phoenix. Offering the ultimate in indulgence and relaxation, the Nara’s award winning design is characterised by a natural, organic profile.

It’s elegantly crafted open spout outlet lets out a gentle free-flowing movement of water into the basin or bath, creating an effect akin to a babbling brook or creek bed. The smooth and rounded contour of the chrome handle descends into the body of its housing mixer, creating a beautiful form that will work well in many bathroom settings.

“The Nara’s chrome finish permits the water to sparkle and shine, even until the last drop of water slides off mixer, it glisten’s in the light. Capturing this level of attention to detail was extremely important in the design of the Nara.’’ John Hoogendorn | Head of Research & Development, Phoenix.

Even since ancient times, humans have regarded water as an important element associated with healing properties that were vital creating balance and harmony within the body. As a notion that remains deeply etched into our psyche, it’s not surprising that we choose to create a Zen like atmosphere in our bathrooms today.

Phoenix Nara Basin Mixer

Unique Innovation & Technology

Pivot Glide Technology®

Combining form with function, the Nara not only captures the essence of Zen in its design, it also incorporates two brand new technologies that are exclusive to Phoenix. The new Pivot Glide Technology® allows the handle to fall into the body of each mixer, giving Nara its fluid form and minimalist style.

Vary-Flo Technology®

This collection is also the first to feature Phoenix’s new Vary-Flo Technology®, a component unique to Nara that allows for easily adjustable water flow projection on installation. As water pressure can vary depending on location, some homes will receive a lot of pressure to the mains. This can cause water to start shooting over a basin when using other mixer taps, however, the Vary-Flo® technology in the Nara prevents this from occurring, along with any unwanted splashes over the vanity.

“The Nara reveals a simple, paired back design. However, in order to achieve its minimal look on the outside, a lot of consideration and innovation goes into the technology on the inside. The function of Phoenix’s tapware is very complex in order to convey a sense of surprise. They combine unique cutting edge technology that people haven’t seen before but with an approachable design that our customers love”. - Daniel Moore | Online Manager, The Bathroom Biz

Why Choose Phoenix?

The development of Nara is testament to Phoenix Tapware’s passion for design and their commitment to innovation. Winner of two awards, the Nara collection has been recognised internationally for its design, function, and aesthetics. With 28 years of expert knowledge and wealth of experience under their belt, Phoenix are certainly a brand you can trust and rely on for quality and longevity.

By focusing on attention to detail in the design, usability and functionality of the Nara, Phoenix have created a unique tapware collection that brings a restrained softness and considered Zen feeling to the bathroom.

Where to Buy Nara Tapware

You can find the Nara range from our retailer The Bathroom Biz.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to start building your wish list of products, then be sure and check out our Bathroom products range.

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