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What Is A Mud Room?

February 02, 2016
What Is A Mud Room?

Ask an Aussie if they know what a mud room is and they'll most likely scratch their head. While the term mud room may be unfamiliar to most Aussie households it is a space very compatible with the active, outdoor Australian lifestyle and that's why it’s becoming a must-have design inclusion for any home renovation!

Traditionally found in northern American homes, mud rooms provide a compact space for the family to shed outer layers of clothing, active wear and store soiled shoes after a day out. They can be positioned in the entrance or in the rear of the home.

More than just a clever way to keep your home clean, mud rooms are also an absolute organisers dream. Gone are the days of misplacing your keys or hunting around for the kid’s lost shoes. Each item has an allocated place in the mud room and is easily accessible saving you time when you head out the door.

When designing your own mud room there are some key considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, you want to create a space fit for purpose. For example, mud rooms can be adapted to suit the lifestyle and needs of individual households from couples to large families and lets not forget our four legged friends either. With all this in mind, it’s a good idea to prepare a list of items you wish to store in your mud room and use this as the basis to create a floor plan.

If you have large sporting equipment such as skis, bikes or surfboards you will need to allow adequate space to incorporate these. Families with young children may choose to incorporate open cupboard space designated for each child’s belongings. Colour coding baskets and the use of name tags helps add a personal touch to children’s storage areas.

Even though this is a practical space it shouldn’t lack style! When decorating, think of your mud room as an extension of your home. This will help inspire you and ensure you seamlessly blend your interior.

Our Top 5 Tips For The Perfect Mud Room

1) Seating

The first thing you want to do after a big day out is come home, sit down and slip off your shoes. What better way to do this than with built in seating that also doubles as storage space. Built in seating is a safe and sturdy option and maximises the use of narrow areas. To create an extra cosy seating space just add some colourful cushions.

Cosy Mudroom

2) Storage

Creating a sense of order is what mud rooms do best and there are plenty of useful accessories to select from to ensure each item is safely stored away. Firstly, consider a coat rack or a row of hooks for jackets, hats and umbrellas. Remember to allow enough room between hooks to allow for bulky winter gear. Bags and backpacks will be easy to find with a series of baskets and for small items such keys, place a key bowl on a sideboard or shelf by the door. A shoe cabinet is also a compact and effective solution to keeping shoes in order. There is a shoe cabinet for every taste and style.

Surfers Mudroom

3) Flooring

Hard wearing and water resistant products are best, so you can’t go past tiles to withstand wet shoes and soaking jackets. Easy to clean and maintain, tiles make this a no fuss space to enjoy. For homes situated in cold climates, consider installing a steel panel radiator for a warm welcome home. Don’t forget a bristled door mat outside your mud room to reduce excess dirt inside the home.

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4) Shelving units

A popular and practical feature in many mud rooms is the installation of custom built cabinetry. For extra luxury, add built in seating, drawers and power points to charge electronic devices. If you are searching for budget alternatives we recommend purchasing portable shelving units to create a compact storage area.

Mudroom Inspiration

5) Lighting

Nothing brings a room to life like lighting and a mud room is no different. Depending on the space, we recommend installing a lighting feature such as a pendant light in the centre of the room, wall lamps for a more traditional feel or choose modern spotlights to illuminate your space.

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As you can see, mud rooms are such a useful addition to every home and are incredibly versatile. They can be tailored to the needs of each household and will help keep you totally organised and clutter free. If you hadn’t heard of a mud room before, we know you’ll want to create one of your own now!

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