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The Do’s and Don’ts Of Moving In Together

March 03, 2016
The Do’s and Don’ts Of Moving In Together

Congratulations, you’re moving in together! You’re filled with happiness and excitement which leads you to daydreaming about decorating the master bedroom on your lunch break. Then you share your creative genius with your significant other only to discover that he’d assumed you’d be getting rid of all your furniture and just using his. Don’t panic! We have you covered. To help minimize stress and make moving in a seamless transition we’ve compiled a few strategies to sort out your stuff and help you to create the love shack you’ve always envisaged.

Fresh Start


For the courageous couple, this requires starting a new chapter with the selection of furniture and accessories that you’ve lovingly chosen together.

With each partner’s belongings begin by identifying any items that are sentimental or precious like handmade furniture or antiques passed down through the family. Once you know what will stay with you, you’ll have a clear idea about what items need to be replaced.

Be strategic about how you choose to part with your remaining goods. If your furniture is still in good condition then why not sell it online. This is a fantastic way to make some extra money to put towards the new furniture and appliances you’d really like. Another option is to donate your pre-loved goods to charity, most charities provide a collection service so you don’t even need to leave the house.

Before you start online shopping or spending your weekends wondering through home ware stores together, take time to discuss likes and dislikes, ensuring you develop a shared vision and decide on a theme for your home. This will save time and arguments along the way, but most importantly help your home become a reflection of who you are and the things you love.

To help you streamline your themed interior, here are some of our top picks:

Contemporary - for couples who love a modern look

Vintage - for couples wanting to showcase their individual style

Traditional - for couples who like the timeless ambiance of old world charm

Mexican Standoff


They say compromise is the key in relationships but it’s easier said than done when your partner doesn’t appreciate your soy wax candle obsession or your need for so many brightly coloured cushions on the sofa. Then he wants to display his Stars Wars figurines in the living room and can’t bear to part with his childhood comic collection!

So before you begin to wonder if this merger was meant to be, look at the situation as a great opportunity to create a quirky vibe in your home. Instead of trying to hide away your partner’s unusual objects be bold and make them a feature throughout the house.

We’ve found some fantastic pieces to inspire you:

Eclectic - for couples wanting to incorporate their favourite pieces with a mix of styles

Fair Divide

Years of living separately means you’ve both accumulated everything under the sun and it doesn’t make sense to part with pieces you adore and that are still in good order. On the other hand, you can’t justify keeping duplicates when you’re so short on space anyway. Sounds like it’s time for a stock take.

Firstly, take a look at your combined items and select those you both love the most. It may take some negotiating power but you’ll get there! Remember, when trying to choose which items to keep it’s a good idea to think of your daily rituals and factor in your life style. For instance, if you’re both movie buffs that enjoy binge watching a good Netflix series then forget about that 2 seater sofa and keep the large modular lounge instead.

Through this process, you’re likely to find that both your similar items that are either outdated or ready for retirement. So make a list of what needs to go and prioritize the items you will need to replace.

The Missing Pieces - for couples needing to fill in a few gaps in the decor department

Moving in together is exciting but it can be overwhelming when you have so much furniture to organise or discard of depending on your “joint decision”. Nevertheless, with a little thought and pre-planning you’ll be able to re-focus on the possibilities and create an interior decor you’ll both love for years to come.

With your planning complete you’re now ready to tackle the shops or start browsing online to find a special piece of furniture or new rug to complete the look of your shared space.

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