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Growing Tips for Monstera

August 31, 2016
Growing Tips for Monstera

The Monstera Deliciosa is a fabulous, striking looking plant. It can grow quite large, and last many years. Its slightly rambly form – it will grow wide as well as tall, can be used to create a real focal point in a room. Here’s our practical guide to caring for your Monstera.

Watering your Monstera

As with most plants, it’s really important to give your Monstera just the right amount of water. This is a plant that doesn’t like too much water, so water sparingly. For best results give the plant a good soaking, maybe a litre for a plant in a 26cm pot, but the key thing is to let all of the water drain out. Don’t leave the plant sitting in a saucer of water, the Monstera doesn’t like having wet feet and the plant can begin to rot.

How do you know when its time to water your plant?

This is a really simple trick, but one that you can use with lots of your indoor plants. Using your finger, dig down about an inch into the pot, if its dry an inch down, then its time to give your Monstera Deliciosa another soaking – but remember let all of the water drain out of the pot.

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Getting your Monstera to thrive

The best position for an indoor Monstera is in a bright, well lit room with filtered light. Direct sun in winter is OK, but in summer the large glossy leaves will burn if in direct sun.

It has beautiful large glossy green leaves, and it’s the distinctive holes in its leaves that give rise to some of its names – the Swiss Cheese Plant, or the Hurricane Plant. It’s also known as the Fruit Salad plant but that’s more about when it fruits than its leaf shape. The plant will benefit from its leaves being regularly cleaned with a soft, damp cloth and luke warm water to remove any dist.

How big do Monstera’s grow?

In the garden a Monstera Deliciosa can grow to be a really large plant. When you are growing a Monstera indoors, the size of the pot will dictate the size that your plant will grow to. They are slowing growing though, so repotting isn’t something you’ll need to worry about often.

In the wild, a Monstera grows climbing up the trunks and along the branches of trees. To help the support the plant when it is growing in a pot, tie the stem to a moss covered pole, and encourage the aerial roots to attach to this.

Preferred temperature for growing Monstera’s indoors

The Monstera prefers conditions above 21 degrees Celsius, with some humidity, but it really is a forgiving plant and will do well outside of this temperature as long as it isn’t affected by direct sunlight in Summer or frost in Winter.

Thanks very much to Ruth from Fowlers Flowers , Clifton Hill, for sharing her practical tips on keeping your Monstera plant looking healthy.

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