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Alisa & Lysandra, Relaxed Lounge Room Style

January 12, 2015
Alisa & Lysandra, Relaxed Lounge Room Style

The Modern Chalet Lounge Room

Look closely at this room and you will begin to notice just how genius Alisa and Lysandra can be when it comes to subtle harmony. The Chevron wallpaper affect is picked up masterfully in the rug pattern, the angular shapes of the coffee table base and the legs of those studded fabric stools. It’s the kind of balance that doesn’t need to be instantly evident – one can absorb it without even needing to know.

room 7 01

Indeed there is an effortless grace to this room – the soft lantern lighting, a couch that is simple but stylish both in terms of its lines and colour.
But the twins have introduced some quirky pop as well, like the super cool floor light and the flamingo ornament. This is a great example of a room that can be at once elegant and eclectic.

Hot chocolate, anyone? Pour a mug, snuggle into that throw and soak up the modern chalet lounge room.

room 701