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Mini Home Makeover Ideas

October 10, 2016
Mini Home Makeover Ideas

There are so many ways to transform the way a space looks and feels without having to undergo a full blown renovation. Hubby (Jonnie) and I completed the renovation of our little art deco clinker over 4 years ago now. As you can imagine, there have been many trends that have come and gone in that time, and this of course has left us evaluating how well our 2012 design decisions have stood the test of time. The verdict….yes some things are looking a little bit tired and out of date.

Bring on the quick Mini Makeover. We are not in dire straits here….the 2012 reno does not need to be completely written off just yet. There are many ways to bring a home into 2016 without having to change the footprint of the home or break the bank.

Choosing Art for your home

Art is a wonderful thing. The feel good factor that comes from art is ridiculous. It provides a completely fresh perspective on a home and can make you love being in a space in an instant. Living spaces or bedrooms….any blank wall is the perfect candidate. The initial outlay can be a little expensive (although there are so many wonderful affordable pieces out there) and let’s face it, it’s cheaper than moving house or renovating! Personally I believe that art provides the most impact when redecorating and definitely the biggest bang for one’s buck.

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AnnaWood 1

Storage Solutions

With a few new additions to the family since the initial renovation, storage space was at a premium. So…we upgraded the existing built in robes by both installing new internal cabinetry (that better maximised the available space) and also created a fresh look by replacing the old doors & handles.

We also purchased a few new pieces of furniture…including a credenza for the family room….perfect for storing away the kid’s toys. We also invested in some beautiful timber shelving for the purpose of both storage and display.

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Bathroom Upgrade Ideas

The bathroom was the one room that didn’t get an upgrade back in 2012. So there wasn’t a lot we could do to simply “make-over” this space. Fresh towels didn’t cut it in this instance. So out came the old brown caesarstone and brown tiles and in went a shiny new bathroom. A marble mosaic floor and simple white subways; the foundations of our modern take on art deco. An expensive upgrade, yes, but also a great chance to improve on layout, functionality and of course add a fresh look. Again, I re-iterate that it's still a lot cheaper than a full reno or moving house!

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Updates for the Family Room

A simple furniture upgrade has transformed the look of the family room. Cream sofas were never going to cut it with three kids and a pooch. So out they went and were replaced with more functional pieces in a neutral colour palette that should be better equipped to last.

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Definitely the cheapest and easiest way to create a fresh clean look. As rookie renovators we had painted the old 1930’s part of our home grey to create what we thought would be a cosy look in the original part of the home. In reality, this colour was way too dark for this south facing part of the house. It was replaced with a simple crisp white (‘white on white’ in fact) to create a lighter, brighter and more open space in an instant.

Creating a Focal point with a Fireplace

The old fireplace was a bit of an eyesore. The original mantel had been removed…probably in the 1950’s or 1960’s when gas heaters were all the rage. With a little bit of research we discovered that there are some seriously talented carpenters in this town. We found one and he whipped up this beautiful handcrafted mantel for us. Perfectly in keeping with our little deco abode.

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AnnaWood 6

Don't forget the Garden

The garden is something that we will continue to chip away at over the spring. But thus far it has proved to be another very simple and easy way to upgrade our space.
We have managed to add some colourful plantings to our pots and garden beds and replace the old outdoor furniture. We have a way to go yet but these small changes have made a significant impact for the better to our outdoor dining area.

AnnaWood 7

So there you have it! A little blood, sweat and tears….plus a little shopping and our dear old house feels like a brand new home! The perfect mini makeover to improve the look and functionality of a property that needs to cater to the needs of a growing family.

Thanks to Anna Wood for this great article & sharing her experience in keeping her home fresh and looking lovely. If you are interested in Anna's projects here's another lovely story on a 1920's home renovation that she's done.

About Anna Wood

Anna Wood is an interior decorator based in Melbourne. After recently completing her Interior Decoration & Design qualification at RMIT, the ‘Wood Design Co’ was born. Anna loves to renovate and after several successful projects decided to take her passion to the market place and provide consultative services.

Anna, formerly an accountant, turned her hand to interior decoration after many years working in a corporate environment. She has always had a personal passion for interiors but could also see the huge value of good design and decoration with respect to the ‘feel good factor’ that it imparts both in the workplace and when returning to the home.

As a mum to three youngsters and a pooch Anna spends a lot more time at home now; the Wood Design Co head-quarters. So naturally specialising in residential interiors, Anna’s philosophy is that the home is absolutely where the heart is. It is essential that a person steps through their own front door and loves what they see and how they feel when in their home.

With her own unique modern classic style, Anna has a fairly simple and pared back design aesthetic. She believes that quality, beautiful materials and finishes do their own talking and that less is definitely more! She loves balance and symmetry (she thinks that’s the accountant in her!) and is a huge lover of styling with beautiful art, colour and personal artefacts to make a design unique and soulful.

Anna loves Melbourne and Melbourne architecture. She has a huge soft spot for a derelict period home and the prospect of restoration. With a few such projects now under her belt she takes intrinsic pleasure from restoring old gems to their former glory, creating beautiful homes with soul (if only the walls could talk!) and maintaining the heritage streetscape.

Interior design and decoration gives Anna’s creative left brain a workout and allows her to be a mum. Life is hectic but fulfilling. She hopes you enjoy and maybe even get some inspiration from her work.