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All That Glitters

April 01, 2016
All That Glitters

A shiny new trend has taken hold in home decorating – pun intended! Metallics.

This trend has taken off in restaurants and cafes, which have incorporated brick face walls with exposed copper piping or steel accents, and they have now made their way into the scene of home decorating.

All that glitters is not gold, however, and as always with design trends, there are a few rules that should be followed to help stay on track – or at least to prevent you from purchasing every coppery thing you lay eyes on! Interior Decorator and Stylist Bec Tougas has provided her tips for the novice decorator to incorporate metallics into a home. She recommends that even adding one or two pieces can reflect light and really help to open up a space!

gold kitchen

Metallics can come across as very bold and somewhat difficult to integrate into your decor but never fear there is a way to incorporate some lustrous pieces into your home. Whether you are all in, and going for a wall of pressed tin, or if you’re only wanting a tiny touch of dazzling gold there’s something important to be aware of: the various shades that encompass all things metallic.

Copper is on trend right now, but don’t forget about all things rose gold, silver, chrome, brass or nickel.


Metallics isn’t just limited to shiny gold or silver, think matte black fixtures, pendant lighting or accessories.

“Black steel is very popular right now, especially with kitchen and bathroom fixtures. If a modern industrial look is your thing you can’t go past it.” Bec Tougas | Interior Decorator and Stylist

If you’re playing safe, you’ll want to stick with the same shades but in saying that, rules are made to be broken, right? Creating different vignettes is a good way to arrange different metallic pieces together to see what works. The rule that gold and silver jewellery shouldn’t be worn together doesn’t necessarily apply to decor, especially if you’ve got a good eye for matching and arranging the right pieces. However Bec says to be aware that if it’s too much it might end up looking more tacky than trendy.

Pressed metal

There are also other differences to take into consideration – the texture of the metal’s surface. A glossy smooth finish can add a sense of glamour to a modern interior – think polished rose gold lamps or even kitchen hardware. You can add interest with a softer finish – brushed, rippled or hammered metals such as brass or tin would suit a rustic decor.

Bec suggested pairing metallics with different textures and natural fibres to balance them out. Try not to be afraid to mix things up a bit to combine textures – matt finish furniture paired with polished accents create interest

“Wood, velvet, wool or even greenery create contrast and can soften them.” Bec Tougas | Interior Decorator and Stylist

“Or keep your backdrop neutral to really make your metallic accents pop!” Bec Tougas | Interior Decorator and Stylist

Gold wallpaper

An important element in interior design is to have a focal point. These can occur effortlessly if you live in a space with an ornate fireplace or incredibly high ceilings, or we can add something – and something shiny can be just the thing! A large gold framed mirror or chrome pendant lights could be the perfect focal point for a room, and add a touch of glam to a room that only metallics can.

“Look out for candles, vases, photo frames and mirrors… or if you’re looking to take it a little further, look for stools, side tables and lighting to introduce metals into your space.” Bec Tougas | Interior Decorator and Stylist

Bec's advice if you’re not sure how to incorporate metallics into your decor, just start with one or two pieces. Some great way of integrating some metallics into the home is in the kitchen – a copper saucepan or two, and a rose gold utensil holder. Because who says metallics have to be flamboyant? Adding some practical pieces is a great way of experimenting without over committing. Think copper utensils, gold-rimmed glasses or silver serving ware or a brass lamp – all simple ways to add a bit of bling into your space.

metallics living room

Are you sitting on the fence in terms of this shiny design trend, or are you wanting to dive right in and ride the wagon? Whether your home is modern, rustic, industrial or just an eclectic mix of all the things that make it yours, hopefully these tips are helpful for those of you who are looking to incorporate some metallic into your space!

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The House of Home team would like to thank Bec Tougas for her tips.

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