Matte Black Tapware 

February 09, 2017
Matte Black Tapware

A profound kitchen or bathroom renovation can be completed in less than an hour. The trick is to make the small things bolder. I’m talking about small fittings like sink taps. And to go bold, one must go back to black.

Bathroom and Kitchen Design Trends

Black taps feature in three particular trends in bathroom and kitchen design:

1. The Marble Trend

rsz marble and black taps bathroom trend 2016

Marble is a classic finish and it never goes out of style. Having said that, too much marble can make a space seem too traditional. More and more, we are seeing the interesting pairing of marble surfaces with black taps. Designers are choosing black taps reminiscent of the industrial era to stand against white marble walls or surfaces. Industrial taps have skinny piping, right angles and cross-handle faucets. The grunginess of these black industrial taps contrasts the opulence of white marble, making for a perfectly balanced space!

2. The Eco Chic Trend

rsz ecochic bathroom trend 2016

The next trend is what I call the ‘ecochic trend’. This refers to the combination of warm wood and dark concrete. The ecochic trend is about using natural materials while still retaining a finished look. Too much wood can make a space feel too rustic and too much concrete can make a space feel unhomely. Combining the two creates balance. Black taps lend themselves well to the ecochic trend, especially if they are in a minimalistic shape. Again, it’s all about balance. A smooth black tap contrasts the grain of the wood while still complementing the smooth concrete.

3. The Monochromatic Trend

monochrome bathroom matte black taps Fotor

Black sink taps fit perfectly into a monochromatic kitchen or bathroom. Design-wise, surfaces that are all black are sleek, modern and elegant. However, there are also practical benefits to going all black. For one, everything looks cleaner because no mess stands out. Opting for a black tap makes water residue invisible. You won’t notice any smudges - not even up close!

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Matt Black Tapware

Our Top 3 Black Bathroom Taps

Below are some beautiful black bathroom taps with sleek profiles that we have completely fallen in love with.

1. Phoenix Vivid Slimline Oval Shower / Wall Mixer

For the bath or shower, the Phoenix Vivid Slimline Oval Shower / Wall Mixer in black is a standout. This black tap is a quiet achiever. It combines functionality and design elegance without being flashy. This means that it will remain an unchanging staple even if your bathroom design changes over time.

2. AstraWalker

For the bathroom sink, we like this industrial black tap from AstraWalker. You may want to consider this choice if your bathroom sink is directly opposite the bathroom door. A symmetrical black tap that spreads out horizontally can create a bold focal point on which the eyes can focus on. Most importantly, symmetry helps balance a room and helps create a sense of calm.

3. Black Phoenix Rush Basin Wall Set

If you’re after a modern choice, look no further than the Phoenix Rush Basin Wall Set in black. This elegant tap is most suited to a contemporary bathroom. It is sleek in design, with only two extensions. The gentle curves of the tap create a surface that reflects light subtly and beautifully.

rsz monochrome kitchen matte black kitchen tap

Black Kitchen Taps

Here are some gorgeous black kitchen taps we will never stop loving:

1. Black Linsol Aria Pull Down Sink Mixer

Our favourite black tap for the kitchen is the Linsol Aria Pull Down Sink Mixer. First of all, this kitchen mixer tap comes with a pull out hose which is very handy for washing pots and pans. What’s more it has a WELS rating (water efficiency) of 6 stars, so it will help save you money in the long-term. And most of all, we love this black kitchen tap because of its shape. It would be the sculptural centrepiece of any kitchen!

2. Black Innova Nirvana Square Neck Mixer

The Innova Nirvana Square Neck Mixer is another great option for the kitchen. The matte finish of this black mixer tap hides any soap or water residue. Ideally, you would pair this black mixer tap with a matte black kitchen sink. This creates a seamless flow from tap to sink, making it seem as if there was only one element.

3. Two Tone Gessi Emporio Kitchen Mixer

If you’re not yet bold enough to go all black, then consider the Gessi Emporio Kitchen Mixer in two tones for the kitchen. This is a stunning colour combination that will fit most kitchens already fitted with a stainless steel sink. As you can see, even a little bit of black goes a long way!

WSworkshop Modular Kitchen Fotor

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