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Master Bedroom Tips

January 30, 2014
Master Bedroom Tips

Did you know that you spend a third of your life in the bedroom?

Technically, it’s a third of your life sleeping however, that’s good enough reason to spend time thoughtfully planning your master bedroom renovation.

What would be your, and if appropriate your partners, dream master bedroom.

Do you want to create a master bedroom sanctuary to retire to at the end of a busy day?

Would you like a master bedroom inspired by a design style or period?

Is it more warmth and intimacy or perhaps space and light you’re picturing in your ideal master bedroom?

Whatever you ultimately choose for your master bedroom renovation, there are a couple of basic key design elements to focus on.


Getting a good night’s sleep is no doubt the number one consideration.

Other than sleeping, what else do you plan to do in your master bedroom?

Do you need to factor in working at a desk, watching TV, resting, reading or exercising?

If so, you need to consider the design of your master bedroom space cleverly, especially if space is a constraint. Don’t forget to be mindful of your master bedrooms furniture sizes.


Colour can make your master bedroom feel warm or cool, large or small.

The colour of your room will also depend on the amount of light in the master bedroom, be it natural or artificial.

Colours such as green and blue will evoke feelings of calmness and coolness whereas reds and oranges will stimulate and excite.

Once you’ve considered these couple of design elements, there are a few more final key decisions to plan for your dream master bedroom.


Timber floor boards, tiles or perhaps carpet? Whatever your dream master bedroom style is, carefully think about your flooring choice.


Directional and task lighting will need to be considered for reading and any other activity such as working at a desk.

Ambient lighting is a great way to make your master bedroom feel more inviting and restful.

Perhaps think about incorporating a dimmer switch so you can control the strength of light needed.

Internal Window Treatments

Heavy drapes for drama? White timber shutters for that beach look? Sheer curtains for a more romantic feel?

The window treatments should not be neglected as they will help achieve your dream master bedroom look.


The finishing touches to any master bedroom will be in the decorations.

Artwork or personal photos can help add personality and complete the overall look and style.

Consider the colours and materials for your bed linen, pillows and throws as this will complete your dream master bedroom.

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