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Highlights from Maison & Objet, Paris – September Edition 

September 07, 2016
Highlights from Maison & Objet, Paris – September Edition

Held in the beautiful city of Paris, Maison & Objet is without doubt one of the most awe-inspiring, influential and highly regarded interior design and lifestyle trade fairs to exist.

The bi-annual event celebrated its 21st birthday this year with design professionals travelling from far and wide to see world’s hottest furniture and homewares collections from both well-known brands and up-and-coming designers.

House of Home’s design detectives were on the case scouring the show’s 8 gargantuan mega halls and scouting out the very best (in our opinion) and most stand-out products on show in the areas of design, decoration, furniture, accessories, textiles and tableware.

With a melting pot of products on display in an abundance of different styles there was something to suit everyone’s style and taste, however, one element that was consistent throughout the show was the use of colour and texture. From bright, rich and bold to soft, muted and chalky, the use of copious amounts colour was certainly the key highlight and reoccurring theme of the show.

Below we bring you a snap shot of 12 of the coolest companies and most creative trends for the year. It’s only a matter of time before these highly sought after products will be gracing Australia so keep your eyes peeled in 2017. Get ready to saturate your senses and start technicolour dreaming with these eclectic beauties.

Dome Deco Maison Objet 2016

Dome Deco

Dôme Deco challenges the conventional boundaries of interior design with a unique vision; their collections straddle contrasting extremes in both form and content, sparking an engaged dialogue with any interior. Harsh, raw elements, for example, are combined with a refined sense of elegance… soft features are lent a rough, hardened edge… warm, natural materials are contrasted with sleek, clean lines…

This passion for engaging extremes lends their collections an obstinate personality while reinforcing a broader international and cross-border vision. A vision that encapsulates the diversity of a globalized and ever-changing world. We were quite literally drawn into this vision which was exemplified on their stand and could have stayed there for hours.

Fancy Homes Maison Objet 2016

Fancy Home Collection

"Fancy" means "fantasy", and in a broader view it means "Joy of living". Fancy Homes set out to help people create this 'Joy and pleasure of living' in their homes by establishing their family run furniture and homewares business in 1950.

The Goldblatt family, who likes to use the talent of local artists, collects objects and ideas all over the world, search for the authentic objects that will brighten up an interior into an inventive place, where it's possible to give free rein to one's imagination.

Each season Fancy Homes introduces 250 new authentic and original items and strives to escape from the cold minimalism, while ensuring their ranges reflect a sense of the natural purity, authenticity and diversity. A design philosophy that can most certainly be seen in the images of their displays above.

FS CollectionsMaison Objet 2016

FS Home Collections

FS Home Collections was founded in 2000 and grew into a very successful cushions and throw company. The collection has grown over the years to more than 1000 different designs and models.

Based on her 25 years of experience in Home Textiles, owner, JoAnn Bonefaas saw this unique market opportunity in the Netherlands. Over time she expanded her market reach first to the surrounding countries, but today her products are sold in more than 60 countries.

The FS Home Collections include a smorgasbord of high class cushions using natural materials like cotton, linen and wool and out of this world designs. We are particularly fond of the Nordic Animals, Dressed Foxes, Fantasy Deers and our favourites - The African Tribes range.

Gan Rugs Trays
Gan Rugs Rugs Poufs   Cushions

Gan Rugs

GAN is a company that creates more than just rugs, it combines the genius of designers with the skills of craftsmen to produce a beautiful range of unique products that make the home more pleasant, warmer and happier place! The craftsmanship of their collection is second-to-none, this company truly values handmade objects that are created steadily, piece by piece so they can be treasured for years.

Part of their team works full-time to optimise existing techniques and to bring back those which had been forgotten and invent new ones! GAN strives to help Artisans develop their abilities and find new ways of expressing themselves and their creativity.

We particularly fell in love their hand-made 'MIX&MATCH' trays, platters and pedestals by Flavia del Pra. A fun combination of pink, grey, copper and blue that worked back so well with their 'RAW' design collection of rugs, poufs and cushions by Borja Carcia. Inspired by Mediterranean architecture, this pure and simple collection blends wool and jute to create a harmonious dialogue of sincerity and authenticity.

Judeco Maison Objet 2016


Judeco's explosion of colour and whimsical objects was just impossible to pass by, and who couldn't stop to take a second glance at a stuffed peacock? JUDECO stands for 'Exquisite Style and Creativity in Shaping Spaces' and that's exactly what they bring through their own interpretation of classical styles blended with vibrant colours that make you stand up and take notice.

Their display stand acted as a dazzling opening scene to their collection of classical chandeliers, lighting, furniture and home decoration. Their eclectic mix of art-deco and ethnic influences certainly create a wild and very unique interior.

Ibride Maison   Objet
Ibride Maison   Objet 2016


For almost 20 years, Ibride has become the emblem of a sensitive and distinctive design. Favouring the 'made in France' and mingling the traditional and know-how techniques this brand writes it's own mythology with a multitude of whimsical and curious characters.

Their enigmatic bestiaries and dreamlike creations convey a unique language of design that includes us in it adventure between tales and reality. Truly a remarkable universe to be discovered and House of Home's absolute favourite!

Iosis Maison   Objet 2016
Isosis Maison et Objet 2016


Since 1989, IOSIS has created a world that represents both chic and quirkiness. Expressed with geometric lines or fun subjects inspired by the animal kingdom and a refined floral world, the collection also includes plains in vivid colors.

The IOSIS accessories include a range of contemporary as well as cheerful motifs but we just couldn't go past the French Bull Dog cushions!

Available from

Mariska Meijers Maison et Objet

Mariska Meijers Amsterdam

Beautifully designed colorful interior accessories and wall paper, all originating from hand painted designs by Dutch artist-designer Mariska Meijers. Mariska's collection is set to conquer the world with her unexpected pattern combinations and intense colours that celebrate deep purples, bright greens, vibrant yellows, hot pinks and various blue tones.

These colours are combined with gorgeous motifs to create her stunning and unique designs. We just couldn't pick a favourite and are equally besotted by them all!

Sika Design Maison   Objet 2016
Sika Design Maison   Object 2016

Sika Design

Taking some respite from the sensory overload of colour, we happily encountered Danish company Sika-Design whose history dates back to the 1940s'. They are the world leader in Rattan furniture and thanks to their stunning hand-made collection, the Rattan vintage trend is taking centre stage.

Rattan is a product that has remained ever popular due to it's ability to grow extremely quickly and convert CO2 into clean air, its a super strong and highly durable material, it's a 100% natural material and it's production doesn't require harmful pollutants. We think that's four pretty good reasons to introduce rattan into our homes.

Sissimorocco 1
Sissimorocco 2

Sissi Morocco

Sissimorocco has been established in Marrakech for many years and offers all kinds of creations inspired by Moroccan culture - most of them are one of a kind: painted cushions, customised lamp shades, plaid, pouffes, curtains and accessories.

The materials are noble and natural, hand-picked among the richness of the ancestral production of Morocco. These original creations invent a poetic and original atmosphere, revisiting with enthusiasm the Moroccan craftsmanship.

Vermissen Maison Objet 2016


Versmissen was founded in 1970 and initially started as a wholesaler for European antiques. Within a short period of time Versmissen became an important player in this field of expertise and the success of their business saw them further develop their distinctive and exclusive collection to include; European and Oriental antique furniture, reproduction antiques, and their own designs inspired by antique and vintage styles such as industrial furniture and lighting, crystal chandeliers, upholstered furniture, antique fencing and doors, bronze and stone statues and a bright bold range of decorative items.

It's this exuberant range of furniture and decor accents that initially caught our eye at the show.

Zenzia Maison Objet 2016


Based in the Netherlands, Zenza recently won ‘Best in Show’ at an Atlanta design fair and it’s not difficult to see why. Originally famous for their beautifully atmospheric lighting range, Zenza also bring together a magical collection of Bohemian inspired furniture, accessories rich with texture from natural, woven materials that are guaranteed to warm the heart and the soul.