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Making Your Home Energy Efficient

January 30, 2014
Making Your Home Energy Efficient

Six simple tips on making your home more energy efficient

1. Update old electrical appliances

You would be amazed at how much electricity older electrical appliances use when compared to new modern appliances, even cheap ones!

One of the biggest culprits is the fridge. To put it in perspective, the difference between a top rated fridge from 2001 to today in electricity usage is up to 40%! That’s a whole lot of electricity.

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2. Keep the heat inside!

Are you guilty of leaving windows or doors open, letting the heat escape, resulting in more energy expenditure on heating?

During the colder months, make sure all windows and doors are closed. Take it a step further and caulk any window and door frames so they are airtight.

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3. Use energy saver light bulbs

Energy saver compact fluorescent light bulbs often use a third of the energy that a standard incandescent globe uses.

That means if you replaced all your incandescent globes with energy saver ones, your savings over the course of a year could be considerable.

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4. Use plants and trees as shading for your house

Shading your windows and house with foliage can go a considerable length to keeping out the cold and the heat.

This means that you won’t have to spend as much on air-conditioning and heating.

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5. Change your air conditioner filter.

A simple job that will lead to your system running more efficiently.

A blocked filter may mean your air conditioner is working harder and being less efficient, which means you’re using more power!

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6. Turn unnecessary appliances off at night

Do you leave your TV, computer, shaver or other appliances on standby?

These might not seem like much, but when you have multiple devices sucking up electricity for no particular reason, the costs can add up.

Make a list of the items you don’t need on standby and make sure you unplug them before going to bed or leaving the house.

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