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Create The Perfect Home Office Space

January 30, 2014
Create The Perfect Home Office Space

As we settle back into work, the beach and long, languid sleep–ins are slowly slipping away. However, as we are all full of optimism and resolutions, it’s a great time to reinvent that disused and disorganised study. How can we turn this into a warm, functional and stimulating space?

Here at House of Home we are always on the look-out for homewares that move and motivate us to work better. Colour, light and organisation are the key factors. Given the huge range of exceptional pieces out there to lift your space and keep you creating, we’ve put together a few tips to get you started.

Back to Work Hues: Bring some colour into the space.

From an early age we learn through colour and it is a vital part in the design of any home office. We all have different approaches to getting through the slog, so how does colour play on this? Does fern green ground you and focus you on the task ahead? Citrus tones might fill you with a sense of positivity and optimism- with it you can tackle any challenge at hand. True blue might stimulate clarity of thought.

The Assembly Hall’s range of soft furnishings combine art and geometry with glorious colours, a perfect way to tie in a number of these shades.

The Assembly Hall   Patchwork Cushion

Light it up!

Lighting, as always, is crucial to creating the perfect work space. It enables us to focus, keeps us stimulated and can create a sense of calm. Australian designers are creating some stunning pieces that bring together technology and art is a seamless fashion. At Workshopped, these designers are nurtured and supported. The Georgette Desk Lamp was designed by Tasmanian designer Stuart Williams. This adjustable, stylish and timeless piece will illuminate your work space with exceptional style.

Workshopped Lamp

Accessorise and Organise.

Someone once told us that a clean desk equates to a clean mind. While many of us baulk at the daunting task of getting those files sorted, it’s a great thing to do to clear the path for the year ahead. Storage doesn’t have to be boring either!

Again from The Assembly Hall’s range, this gorgeous book strap turns that stack of books, magazines or files into a design feature, if not a piece of art.

The Assembly Hall   Leather Book Strap

In keeping with the intellectual feel, you can finish the space with a fun print from Fenton and Fenton’s beautiful range.

Fenton   Fenton Library Digital Print

The key is to find things you love so sitting down at that study desk is stimulating, not a chore. Play with colour, light and beautiful homewares to get your dream study look.

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