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Maidenhair Fern Care

August 31, 2016
Maidenhair Fern Care

Maidenhair Ferns are a gorgeous soft, leafy indoor plant but there are some tricks to caring for them successfully.

As with most plants the keys to success in keeping your Maidenhair Fern looking gorgeous is to find the spot in your home with the right amount of light that the plant loves, and to water it properly.

Watering your Maidenhair Fern

When your maidenhair fern is kept indoors, you need to pay a lot of attention to making sure that it is always moist. This is a delicate plant, and doesn’t like having its roots sitting in water. So small, regular amounts of water are best for the maidenhair if you want to keep it looking healthy. Try somewhere between half cup and a cup of water per day.

In the winter months the maiden hair definitely needs less water, so be careful that you are checking that there is no excess water in the bottom of your pot or pot saucer, as this will cause the plant leaves to turn brown.

The maidenhair fern loves moisture and humidity, which is why a lot of people recommend keeping them in bathrooms. They will grow happily in other rooms of your house but they really don’t like dry air, so keep them clear of heaters, and heating ducts blowing warm dry air, as well as cold drafts.

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Help! My maidenhair fern has brown leaves?

Finding the perfect spot to keep your maidenhair fern happy indoors can take a little experimentation. When they are planted outdoors they definitely prefer a shaded spot, but indoors it likes light - but not direct light, and not too bright. Try it in a couple of different spots to find the one that it thrives in best.

If you see your maidenhair leaves drying out & going brittle but staying green, then your plant needs water, and fast.

If you see some of the leaves going brown, it may because it's being affected by either hot dry air, or a cold draft – try moving your plant to a more protected spot.

If your plant leaves are going a yellowy-green and then some are turning brown, most likely it isn’t getting enough light. Try moving it to a spot with more light, but not direct light.

If your maidenhair really goes brown to the point that you no longer want it in the house, don’t give up. Cut all of the fronds back to ground level, and place it outside in a shady, protected spot, and hopefully it will regenerate after a few months.

The Maidenhair fern is a really pretty indoor plant, and it will look great in most homes. So choose a pot you love, lavish it with attention (it loves being watered every day) and enjoy having this gorgeous plant in your home.

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Thanks very much to Ruth from Fowlers Flowers , Clifton Hill, for sharing her practical tips on keeping you Maiden Hair Fern plant looking healthy.

Thanks so much to the lovely folk at Frankie & Coco in Hampton, Established for Design in Malvern East and Zachloe Lifestyle in South Melbourne for so kindly loaning us some of their beautiful planters for use in this shoot.

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